Thursday, August 25, 2011

THINGS that were said recently to me..

We have this saying in our house, don't say something funny or it will get on the blog.  It's almost true.  The only time it isn't true is if I forget it.  Sometimes I'll leave the anonymity factor intact, which keeps me from losing all of my friends...

Funniest thing said to me by another Hallstrom mommy:  (We were in the very hot fellowship hall and I had just been outside in the rain and had gotten chilled and she says) "Take that sweater off.  I'm going to barf just looking at you!"  I quickly obeyed and whipped off the sweater.  Please don't barf you middle-aged mommy who is having a hot flash..

Funniest thing said to me at the Gospel booth at the fair this past weekend:  ( A little girl wanted to spend the entire afternoon with us in our booth making balloon creatures.  After being there for about an hour she looked at me and at Emily and said..) "So, are you her grandma?"

Scenario at home: (One of our friends' kids was hanging out with us and both of us had our feet on the footstool together)  "Boy, you have really big feet!"  I assured her that I had both big and awesome feet.

And.. some REALLY AWESOME things that were said recently...

"Mommy, this food was really good" from Emily (age 6) who basically eats nothing and likes nothing.

(I promptly went into the livingroom to figure out who told her to say that, and there wasn't anyone.  She came up with a compliment on her own)

"I see that you have been domestic today" from Will after I had cleaned up the bathroom/ bedroom on Monday.

and my favorite from my son as he left for his second year of college yesterday...

"I love you too, Mom.." with a little bit of emotion in his voice. :)

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Mrs. Parunak said...

I'd say you have a pretty fabulous assortment: lots of love and encouragement from your family and plenty from your friends to make you laugh. What more could you want?