Thursday, September 1, 2011

The biggest question is..

So the biggest question everyone is asking me is this-- So, how's IT going?  And I wonder if they are talking about our big decision to send Emily to a school, or my decision to teach at the school.  No, that's not it at all.

Everyone wants to know how I am surviving without FACEBOOK????  I am here to tell you that there IS life after facebook.  Therapy has been going well.  Therapy involves living in the real life.

Actually, the truth is this.  I've been too busy to even miss it.  What I do enjoy, however, is that a few of you are actually reading AND commenting on my blog now.  That is special.

So, IT is going well.  And so are my new responsibilities.   I am very excited about my new "job" of teaching at this school.  The kids are cute, the teachers are awesome, and the situation is ideal.

I even have a "vintage" classroom!  Have you guys ever heard of this thing called "chalk" ??  It's really cool stuff.  It comes in yellow or white, and there's this big board behind me that is green.  They call it a chalkboard.  When I was six, my mother bought me my first chalkboard so I could play "teacher".  Well MOM, life has gone full circle.  I am playing teacher now.

I would really like to round out the vintage theme by installing a woodstove and giving each kid a slate.  EXCEPT... there are a bunch of computers in that room also.  Not sure how it is going to fit with my theme.  Help me out, ladies.  How would you design this classroom?

Oh, and there are uniforms!  I don't have to wear a uniform, but the kids do.

Darling, I know.  Can you just picture how CUTE Emily is going to look in this???  LOVE it.

So, all of these vintage looking kids in a vintage classroom.  Maybe the 1950's era?  Leave it to Beave, Wally.  I think I'll dress like Barbara Billingsley--A line flared skirt, button-down pocketed shirt (tucked in, of course), heels, pearls, the works.  Where to get some vintage stilettos at the last minute??? It's so swell, Wally.


Mrs. Parunak said...

Chalk AND a cute uniform, now that really IS swell!

Jenny P. said...

I think I might buy plaid uniform jumpers for Grace no matter where she ends up at school. I was always jealous of the uniformed kids growing up :)

The best part about real-chalk chalkboards? Cleaning out the erasers!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Ooo, chalk AND uniforms! Happy squeal. And so much cuter than the hideous uniform I had to wear...

Excited for you :D


Kathi said...

Isn't it great that wherever God leads us, HE takes us? Love and prayers!

Organizing Mommy said...

Jenny! Give me your best tips about cleaning erasers. Do you vacuum them?

Swell, indeed.

Jenny P. said...

Hahah no! I let the students throw them at each other. Ahem. Probably not the method you'd like to follow on a regular basis :)