Tuesday, September 13, 2011


So, I know you'll ALL be disappointed, grieved, and despondent to find out that I will no longer be teaching preschool art.  I know. I know.  horrible.  I just had a really hard time making the transition on Tuesdays from teaching Language Arts to 7-12th graders and study skills with ACT prep and then immediately plunging into graham crackers and finger painting.  So thank you, Michelle  (mama at Hallstrom)  for taking it over.

I'm going on faith that someday I'll be an awesome grandma and do art with my own grandkids.  But today....  I am very relieved!!!

So, I suppose you are all wondering how Emily and I are doing at our vintage school?  Let me tell you, Wally, it is swell to the max.  I just got done helping Emily on her Victory Drill Book, copyright 1970. Actually, it is so straightforward.  Do you remember the days when we didn't have to include entertainment with learning?  Sometimes I think the youngsters today are so overstimulated that a good dose of Times Roman 14 textbook is exactly what they need.  And here's a thought: a reading textbook for six year olds with no pictures, except for a few token ones at the beginning to make sure you can find your phonetic bearing.

And how is Barbara Billingsley handling her Language Arts classes?  Well, Barbara is handling things much better than Ward.  Ward, the poor chap, asked very sweetly for some clean white T-shirts for tomorrow.  Thankfully, I have an emergency stash (I kid you not) of T-shirts, underwear and socks in unopened packages for just such a mid-week emergency.

Today, Barbara decided that she is going to let her students decide how to decorate the classroom.  Some talked of an aquarium with strobe lights.  I'd like to hear all of their ideas before I come to some conclusion.  As for now, I've managed to remove the broken clock, the vintage poster of a past president, the third grade looking poster that says "Let's Learn" and other random nit-noids.

So, I'm having a blast.  Teaching is coming back to me, and I like it.  And the kids are on the planet.  I'm not sure what planet, but it's the planet that I'm currently on, so that's all that matters, eh?

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Mrs. Parunak said...

I'm glad you're liking the school so much. Sounds like it was a good move for you and Emily. And it was also probably a good thing that preschool art went to someone else. It all sounded rather overwhelming to be doing both plus everything else that you do.