Thursday, September 15, 2011

Funniest thing said to me this week..

Yesterday I was having a full-scale meltdown.  And if I can be brutally blunt, I'm not one of those people who thinks she needs to hide in a corner somewhere in order to have a meltdown.  Wherever I happen to be at the moment, wherever it hits, that seems to be a good enough place for me.
Someone told me that her father said that you should not show your emotions in public and always be strong.  "I guess I missed that lecture" I told my friend.  Like who cares?  And my friends are used to me.

When I finally get two minutes to sit and think (generally at prayer meeting) seems like a perfectly good time to have the meltdown.  And no one died.  No one hates me.  I had a disappointment that derailed my emotions.  Actually, it felt good to cry, you know?

All of my other emotional friends decided to have their meltdown with me.  But we were bonding in our misery, and that felt good.  It was one of those sacred moments where you could almost feel the invisible estrogen circle forming.  The men were on the other side of the room, doing what they do best-- looking and feeling helpless.  But they're cute that way, so we'll keep 'em.

So, we had our big hugs and composed ourselves enough to start the next meeting.  Soon enough, the midnight meal activities are ensuing and there are kids and food everywhere.  Back to chaos and fun.  So, one of the mothers of the teenagers was there (but who didn't join the estrogen circle) asked, "What can I do to help?"

And I said, "Can you be my friend?"

To which she replied, "I was hoping for something easier.."

Yes, sweetie.  It is NOT EASY to be the organizingmommy's friend.  The hedgehog who tries to do too much in too little time with few resources and has nothing to give back to her friends these days..  Meltdowns are everywhere.  Life is volatile.  High maintenance friend alert!  Everybody run!

There's an entire support group out there called "Jena's friends", and their job is not easy.

And if you want an easy job... try organizing your shoes or something.  But please, please only be my friend if you want a really hard job!  LOL!


Ruby said...

I loved this post, Jena. Having been a "high maintainence" friend, unintentionally, for years, I really can identify with that woman's reticence.
Hugs to you, my friend! xo

Kathi said...

I'm in for life! You can cry on my shoulder any old time, and I know I can cry on your shoulder too...and have! God is good. I love you, Kathi

Organizing Mommy said...

Thanks KATHI AND many others for enduring my friendship.

Mrs. Parunak said...

I'm in, too, and like I told a friend who broke down at church, if we can't cry at church, what hope is there for the world? The body of Christ needs to be able to support one another through meltdowns. Here's to estrogen circles and sisters in Christ, and of course friends, including the high maintenance ones.

nitalinb said...

This is great, Jena! I believe in crying --- and laughing. My usual rule of thumb is to laugh in public and cry in private, but I get them mixed up sometimes --- and this post made me laugh in private.