Sunday, September 25, 2011

Organized? Whaaaaaaaaa?

Why is the title "Organized" even in my blog header?  I am the biggest hypocrite that ever walked the earth if I think I can give anyone organizing advice at this stage of my life.  I've even contemplated changing the entire header to something sublime like "The Hedgehog speaks" or even more eloquent, "the disorganized hedgehog speaks.."

I have friends who have probably read my blog, followed my advice and are currently threatening to clean up my house..  that's how bad it is around here.  And I'm half ready to let them do it, but now I'm on the other side of the coin saying, "but do I think I'll need THAT some day??"

Yes. Yes, I am REaLLY saying that.  Give me a hole to crawl into already.

Transition.  I'm holding on to a previous stage of my life (emotionally) and finding it hard to move on, so what do I do?  I hold on to the stuff that represents the time that I can't quite let go of yet.  In the meantime, everyone else is happily moving on.

Do I have to move on?  really?  No.  I could just sit in a cluttery disorganized house for the rest of my life, relishing the good 'ole days, whatever that is-whenever that was--and be so confused in my own clutter that I can't even find my car keys.  Sounds palatable, doesn't it?  yeah. but no.

So, what is the worst case scenario?

Let's see.. the worst case scenario is something like this.  I get rid of something that I actually AM going to need and have to buy it again.  And the real question is this: did I miss the will of God by getting rid of it?  Is he going to provide the money to buy something that I should have not gotten rid of, but did, and now I don't have it?

And the answer is this: yes, he is a good provider.  We have the freedom in Christ to get rid of things, even if we can in our remotest subcranial reasoning can fathom a potential situation that may include that item again.  If in our reasonable thinking, nothing in the foreseeable future is going to require that item, I think, we can, in all good conscience, dispose of it.

But what if I am too emotionally attached to the cuisenaire rods?  (the ones that I envisioned my kids learning math on and loving every minute it, but in reality, they only used them as toys and learned math with actual numbers...???)

So, for the things I am just too emotional to part with (at the moment), I need an emotional resting place for these things to simmer for a while.  When I realize that I value the clean space more than the clutter, I will joyfully get rid of the items--regardless of how many memories are attached to them.

This is why everybody needs to do a bi-annual overhaul--even disorganized hedgehogs.  There's something special about getting life organized.

I don't write because I am already organized (especially not these days).  No, I write because I am an A.D.H.D. Hedgehog who happens to "spin it" in a different light than the others.  And when I get to heaven, this all will be so clear and I'll have a blog about organizing, but it will be purely for fun because everybody will already be organized.   


Ruby said...

I forgive you, O.M. (Even as I rush over here to glean some new advice on how to get a house like yours:-) But you were honest, you are an Organizing Mommy. I see you have not made the lavish claim of being The Organized Mommy. Huge difference there!
Happy de-cluttering. Rods can always be passed on to another needy family :-)

Angel said...

As a mom of four, I've had plenty of rough organizing days...and years. Thankfully, God's mercies are new every morning, right? Fun to find your site and that you're from Rockford, IL, my hometown.

I wonder if you've discovered My husband created the site a few years back as a free sign up tool to help moms organize everything from class parties to church potlucks to soccer team snacks and more. It's grown by leaps and bounds.

He's just added a SignUpGenius Enthusiasts Program you might want to check out. ( You can earn free coffee for a review of the site or get paid to write an article.

You can check out the SignUpGenius Facebook page to see all the great things users are saying about the site each day. Hope it proves to be a great free organizing tip for you!

Mrs. Parunak said...

Transition. I get it now. And I suddenly feel AWESOME about all those boxes full of my girlhood everything that sat in our basement for nearly a decade. Without knowing it, I was doing it the Organizing Mommy way. I stashed the stuff someplace while I got over not being a girl in my parents house, and then, when I wanted the space, I got rid of stuff.

singtothelord2 said...

it is better to "let it simmer" somewhere out of sight for a while instead of hastily getting rid of stuff as I so often do and then am sorry for....I usually say "where is that belt..the one....oh, never mind I think I got rid of that". Sometimes it is good to let it set for a while and then deal with it later. I am constantly shifting things in our basement, waiting until certain people can get rid of certain things....including me. Hang in there, the Lord knows the desires of our hearts, He'll help you figure it out.