Saturday, October 1, 2011

A guy from the 1940's

On Friday,  Will and the kids showed up at my new school, Regents,  to do a demonstration of the Gavel Club--a public speaking club for young people.  When everyone got there, I introduced them all, but I never included the fact that these new people were my husband and kids.

So, when I got a chance to talk to my students again, I asked them, "Did you figure it out that Mr. Webber is my husband? And that the other kids are my kids?"

"At first, we thought he was the guy from Pierson's plumbing.  He looks just like that guy.." one of the students said.

"And then I thought..  Wow... He looks like a guy from the 1940's... I know I've seen him in a movie or something.."

"And then I figured out that he's not the plumbing guy, but he really is a guy from the 1940's.."

"And Hudson..  Now he looks EXACTLY like a guy from the Harry Potter movie.. for real.."

So, my students and my family met for the first time.  My own kids just giggled at whatever the students said.  The students were lively and talkative, and they seemed to enjoy the meeting.  I made a big batch of food for the kids, and we all sat down "family style" and ate dinner together after the meeting.  The students were genuinely appreciative and thankful for the meeting and the food.

And I got to thinking.  This school is a mission field.  A lot of the kids come from broken homes.  Many of them were raised by the television and video games.  Their way of fitting us into their world is by assigning us a television show.  I think we qualify for this one.

A midwest family set in the 1950's, with a strong father figure at the helm--yes, that would depict us.  And I find it humorous that one of our kids asked for drum set a few weeks ago, to which I said, "no".

Remember how everyone thought Hudson looked like Edmund from Narnia?  And now he is a guy from Harry Potter? (I have never seen the Harry Potter movies, so I have no idea..)

Fame.   I'm telling you.  It's going to be hard to avoid with celebrities like this in my family.

No one EVER comes up to me and says, "Hey.. you look like.." probably because why would they want to say it? "You look like a hedgehog with your hair like that.. "

And then again, most people don't say much because they can't get a word in.

Except for this: "you are overwhelming" said to me TWICE on separate occasions on the same day.  Not fair.


I think I'm going to carry a business card that says, "call at your own risk"  and "I am found to be overwhelming by 85% of the population.  The other 15% I am still waiting to meet".

We all have our issues, eh?

For now, I am thankful for that guy from the 1940's.  By the grace of God and by hiding in his office studying Hebrew a lot of the time, he manages to dwell peacefully with the hedgehog, with little to no difficulty.  God is good.

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Mrs. Parunak said...

Haha! Another classic from the world of the Hedgehog. (And I did not find you overwhelming, btw. But maybe that's because I have a family that also overwhelms 85% of the population, so I'm used to it.)