Friday, October 7, 2011

Love this time of year..

So fall is here, and the hedgehog turned her head into a dip-cone, chocolate flavored. 

So I put away the summer duds and the blonde hair.  My actual goal was to get this back to my "regular" color.  And back to fall clothes!

We are having a beautiful, balmy indian summer day.    I have a big pot roast in the crock pot.  I may even trot out to the garden to see if the brussel sprouts are ready.

Let me think poetically for a moment----eggplant-colored leaves, raspberry mums,  sun-kissed tomatoes, verdant chives, cumin-colored flowers...hhhhhmmmmmmmm   gives me an idea..

Why don't I just go through my photos and find things we've done in past years for a little inspiration?  Although, I will say this--the weather itself is an inspiration for me!

Remember these pumpkin crafts?  I don't even remember what year I made these, but they are so fun!

 And let's not forget the rug hooking adventure? or fall scarf ??

 Why not make (yet another) tote with fall-inspired fabrics??? or a new messenger bag?
 And there's nothing that says fall like some hearty soup..
 Real pumpkins are very special also..
 Especially if you cook them down in order to make pumpkin butter..
 Or you can just let them crowd up the doorway after you've picked them from the garden like we did this one year.
 Need more ideas?  The fabric stores are calling our names, ladies.

 Or what about some nice fall photos?

 Dress up a kid or two and plunk them in a fall scene..
 Oh, she was such a button then! (Emily at age 3)
 And last but not least, we NEED pumpkin donuts!

Yes, heaven will be like this day.
Enjoy your fall!


Kelly L said...

Love the fall colors - we live surrounded by palm trees - would love to experience a "real" change in season.. Lovely pictures!
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Mrs. Parunak said...

Great pictures! This reminds me of what your life used to be like in a previous season. And what it will likely be like again. Isn't it great that we never have to do everything we love all at once? That we get to have seasons in our lives just like the seasons of the year? There's a time for crafts and homemade doughnuts and a time for vintage schools.

Becky said...

I'm with you. I love fall, and you have some great fall inspired pictures.

Ruby said...

Living on the Tropic of Capricorn as we do, is grand but I do love the Autumn colours. You guys seem to celebrate and acknowledge the change of seasons much more than we do.

Ruby said...
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Kathi said...

Fall is so wonderful! I love your pictures and all the fun things you're doing. Mrs. Parunak's comment is so's great that there are seasons and times in life for all the different types of wonderful experiences that the Lord gives us!