Thursday, October 27, 2011

overwhelmed yourself lately?

Early Tuesday morning,  I realized that an award winning Christian author, Bryan Davis was going to be the guest speaker at Hallstrom  and teach a class at 1:00.  I started thinking rabout how I could get my kids from the Christian school (Regents)  over to Hallstrom to hear the author.  (Regents is the school where Emily attends and I teach English, and Hallstrom is where Joanna, Hudson and Nathanael attend all day)  So, even though I am involved with both, I have never attempted to combine both venues into one activity.  Today was going to be the day I attempted the merger.

You see, I only teach my classes at Regents in the mornings, and these students have Bible and other classes in the afternoon. So, with a lot of begging and convincing of various people, I had six students packed in my minivan at 12:30 p.m., heading toward Temple Baptist to hear a real author speak about his books.

I have one student who really wants to be an author some day, and I have others who just need something (anything!!) to inspire them towards greatness.

Before we left, I told them there would be no: burping, farting, coughing, sneezing, throwing up, or other bodily functions allowed in my car.  Mrs. Webber does not like the smell or sight of bodily functions.

I forgot to mention that I really didn't like conversation about them either.

Even though this is one child is in the 7th grade, he seemed to think he could garner some attention by telling me that, "his wee wee had to go"--to which I promptly drove through a red light in response to this.

When he started going into details about which number he had to go and such,  I played Mr. Frederickson from the movie UP.

"La la la la la.. this is no concern of mine!!"    I just wished I could have turned off my hearing aid.
Bummer.  Just when you think that good health is a blessing, all of a sudden, you wished you had a hearing aid.

So, we piled into the church, secured name tags, took care of the wee-wee needs and heard the speaker.

It was awesome.  Bryan Davis is a godly man who trusts God for everything.  If I do not get a chance to write a separate post on his books, just know this.  He is a homeschooling dad who gave up his career to pursue book writing and is living by faith.  We ended up buying a set of his books, and many of my students have already started reading them!  yeah!!!  The books are along the lines of C.S. Lewis--Christian-inspired fantasy.  It's what kids love to read, and I believe God will use these books to help shape their character in Christian living.

So, during the talk, Mr. Davis mentioned a Christian writer's conference that sounded very interesting.  He is one of the speakers who teaches a 12 hour session.  And then my wheels started turning.

 Wouldn't it be awesome to go to this conference?  And I could bring my students?  etc. etc.

So, I was mulling this idea around in my head on the way home.  So while I was contemplating this grand plan, I spontaneously pulled into McDonalds to get the kids a treat.  So, while they were enjoying their treats, I had this thought.

 This isn't so bad.  I could drive these kids to Florida.. how hard could that be?..

And then the burping started.  Have I mentioned that Mrs. Webber does not like bodily functions and their associated resounding sounds???  yeah.. I think I did.

And then I had this thought.

We should just fly to Florida.  Flying goes much faster.  

And the volume in the car increased.  There wasn't so much burping as there was about six  conversations going on at once.  Granted.  I only brought six kids, but still..

And then I had another thought.

Actually, we will fly, but I'll take a different flight.  a different airline, perhaps? just incase something happens and I accidentally end up on the same flight.. Yeah, that's what I'll do.

  Oh, and I forgot to mention that one of my goals was to get the kids back for gym class after the session.    I couldn't find my cell phone to tell the gym teacher we were running late...

So, here we walk into the school--20 minutes late and everyone carrying a McDonald's wrapper and there's my principal and the gym teacher tapping her foot.  And for some reason, the sophisticated science teacher was there also, shaking her head at me too.

Not only were we late, but we missed gym AND ate McDonalds.

So, the next few minutes were spent profusely apologizing to the gym teacher, my principal and everyone else who would receive an apology.  The next day, even, I was still feeling guilty and (in a moment of weakness) asked my principal if I had officially overwhelmed him yet.

And he wisely responded,

"No, but have you overwhelmed yourself yet?" 

Wow.  That's it.  I do not slow down until I have officially overwhelmed myself.  I went home thinking very high brow thoughts of the profundity of that statement.  And quite honestly,  I'm still pondering it.

Actually, I overwhelm myself on MOST days, but the problem is this: I recover too quickly from it.  And then, after a good night's rest, a cup of coffee, some time with the Lord and a house blitz, I go right back to being insane again.

And then I only remember how FUN it was.  I just giggle when I think about my little students who need so much love and care getting excited about reading....

I think about Mr. wee-wee writing a fabulous "free write"  about the experience and really wanting to read and finish a book that I bought from the author.

I think about the young man who really wants to be an author having the happiest time and so giddy on the way home that he was telling us crazy stories about the biscuits at the Red Lobster were so good that "they taste like Jesus"...

And then the next day, the principal came in my classroom the next day and talked with the kids about reading and relating the parables to the type of literature they were learning about...

And then I think

yeah... I've overwhelmed myself.. but as soon as I recover, I'm going to jump right in there and overwhelm myself.. again. 


Mrs. Parunak said...

Haha! What a nice teacher you are, buying your kids McDonald's! And yes, I overwhelm myself all the time. All I ever do is bite off more than I can chew. If I'm not overwhelmed, I immediately start planning another project.

Kathi said...

I just laughed when I read this post...and then I laughed harder when I saw Mrs. Parunak's response. I both overwhelm and underwhelm myself! I overwhelm myself by planning too much and then underwhelm myself with my non-results. Beth Moore talks about juggling 10 jars that each have 2 ounces of water in them. That's about it for me!