Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sentimental and I'm not going to apologize for it..

 Typically, I DO NOT consider myself an overly sentimental person, but on this ONE issue, I am unglued. I've lost all mooring and am floating in a wasteland of soft pink sugar and gooey sentiment.

 I have to save these things.  And I am having this apocalyptic battle over the practical and sentimental side of my brain over what??

And all of the homeschool mommies said: educational supplies!!!  Wrapped up in the flashcards, the cuisenaire rods, the wrap-ups, the legos, the stringing beads and the build-a-bear are years of my life!!

And I can not bear the drama any longer.  If I love those things THAT much, then I probably should hold on to them.  And if this pink sugar sentimentality finds someone else to light upon, I will free myself of the excess baggage.  Until then, I am done fighting it.

And all of you regular readers are sitting there with your mouths agape, wondering who on earth has heisted this blog and is posing as the organizing mommy.  Seriously.  This is as much akin to a midlife crisis as I hope to ever see.

So, I am going to do the unthinkable: I am going to SAVE things that have no foreseeable use in the future for the pure sentimentality of it.


Well, I feel better now.  How about you?  What do you mean?  You fainted?!!  GeT Up already.  I still plan to get rid of a pile of other things, so it is not like my entire house will be a warehouse of Timberdoodle relics.   Just the bottom half.  O.K. half of the bottom half.  But still....  

Some people collect antiques.. .. some like fancy dishes.  I love  phonic games and little blocks and counting fishes..

We all have our weaknesses, and I have found mine.  They'll be plenty of things for little people to do when they visit me, I guess..


Jenny P. said...

Sigh. I've started collecting curriculum and teaching supplies already and my baby isn't crawling yet. Actually, I starting collecting before we even knew she was on the way. I've had her spelling curriculum picked out since about the time we got married. There's just something special about school supplies. Hoard away!

Ruby said...

I kept soooo much for so long. *sigh* eventually I managed to cull out a lot of stuff that it was just impossible to use again. Having said that, I have a large collection of great things for the grand children to get pleasure from! My daughters must be chuckled since it is all stored at my house and not theirs :-)
(Friends bought a $1000 remedial phonics program for one of their children and did not want to get rid of it. They were prepared to loan it others for a fee which no one wanted to pay. Now, years later, no one uses cassettes any more and the whole lot is wasted!) That was a ramble but I think them moral of the story is good. Don't pay exhorbitant prices for something that will not be well used. And don't be ikey. Share:-)

Organizing Mommy said...

Jenny--it is a precious time, indeed!!

Ruby--I think I know which phonics program that is--I think I have it also. (sigh.. what a rip-off) That program they can have. I intend to donate or get rid of a lot of things, but there are a few things that I will "share" with others when they are at the house or even while they are at their own homes--just as long as I "think" that I still have them. I would never rent materials out. That seems crazy to me. And maybe a few years from now, I'll change my mind!

Ruby said...

Absolutely.. I have always thought it is better to "pay it forward". share the good stuff around and give generously. You will get your just rewards!

Mrs. Parunak said...

You know if you aren't ready to get rid of something, it's really better to hang on to it until you are ready. Maybe in a few years you'll sort that half of your basement, and maybe not, but sometimes we just need time to adjust to major life changes.

Organizing Mommy said...

Mrs. P--that's it exactly. Major life changes. In my mind, I am a stay-at-home mommy who homeschools 5 kids. And in reality, aren't all parents homeschooling their kids? Emily wants to do school almost the entire time when she's home from school, so there's a few hours every day that she is homeschooled. And who cares if Jamie is in his second year of college?? He'll probably want to play legos when he gets home, eh?? ugh.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

You know, I love getting rid of stuff, but I had a thought about homeschool materials...

I don't like to be paranoid, but it's just possible that it may not be as easy to homeschool in the future, as it is now. The Government doesn't always exactly like people who think for themselves, y'know? And they could possibly exert control over books and materials, y'know? In fact, due to budget cuts, we could easily lose access to our wonderful library system. So as far as homeschool stuff goes, as long as I have room, I'm keeping the good stuff. Flashcards? Nah, I could make my own. Grammar or math? Unlikely to be viewed as subversive. But good books? Especially history and science? Definitely keeping those.