Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving for some of us..

A tragic thing happened last night for one of my friends.  Although I do not have all the details of it yet, I received a phone call informing me that one of my friend's husbands had died suddenly by way of a heart attack.

This was yesterday.  The day before Thanksgiving was yesterday.  Yesterday is the day my friend's husband died.  My friend, Corrie has 10 children.  She is about 45 years old, and she is a widow.  She homeschooled her children, did 8 million loads of laundry, ironed her husband's shirts, and served three meals a day to her family for over 20 years.

Now what?

So, today when I was fumbling over my husband as he was helping me load the dishwasher, she was loading the dishwasher alone.

Today when I got the turkey in the oven in record time and my husband noticed and mentioned it, she probably isn't even cooking.

Today when I am celebrating the unique time of having our family together; they are experiencing separation in a way that they never have before.

My friend's move to the St. Louis area a few years ago has kept us from really keeping in contact with each other, but I feel her pain as if she were here.

May Jesus be their strength today.. and every day from this time forth.  


MommaMindy said...

I'm so sorry to hear of this loss. No matter how much I read the Scriptures about suffering, the Scriptures about the Lord's plan for a future and a hope, my small, human mind still has a hard time grasping a tragedy like this. I'm thankful the Lord told us He is the Father to the fatherless. He knew that we'd need extra help understanding His ways that are higher. May your family time be precious. Love you, sister!

Ruby said...

Hugs Jena. Very similar to my cousin's situation just one month age. Life does move on ....but oh, the pain. Trust that your friend knows the peace oand consolation of Christ at this time.

The dB family said...

So sorry to read of your friend's loss. Praying that she will be surrounded by God's comforting arms and that of her friends and family who love her.


Kathi said...

Devastating. Do they have insurance? How in the world will she support 10 kids? Hard to fathom, isn't it? I am so sorry for your pain too. :( Love, prayers, and hugs.

Mrs. Parunak said...

I'm so very, very sorry to hear about your friend's husband. I'll be praying for her and for her family.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

So sorry! Praying for your friend - for comfort and peace and wisdom.