Saturday, January 7, 2012

Daily drama

Is it cruel to bust a gut over the crazy things your kids say?  I hope not because I find so much entertainment from it.

Scenario #1:  We're sitting around the table talking over the day's events.  Jamie just left to go back to school today.  He was to meet up with Shawn at the Potbelly restaurant where we all enjoyed a lunch together before the boys launched north.  Shawn has just had major knee surgery over the break and his family was trying to graciously remind (Jamie) how tender his knee was in order to garner some sympathy for his situation. And they insinuated as much that he was a little worried about getting caught in one of the rough-housing escapades that the cadets like to snarl themselves into.  Boys will be boys, you know...

So, I was explaining this (somewhat humorous) conversation to the family at dinner.  "And Shawn was hoping not to be in the middle of these shenanigans that the boys like to pull on each other.."

And Emily pipes up, "What are the Canadians going to do to Shawn?"

That's right, Emily.  Shawn is hoping to avoid all Canadians at school--but especially the Canadian shenanigans...  

So, Jamie went back to school today.  The Dad and highschool kids were at Robotics.  The middle schooler was at music, and Mommy is recovering from her (hurt me!) trip to Chicago.

It's tough, but someone had to go pick up Will from Moody. So, after my deep tissue massage, I drove into Chicago and arrived around dinnertime on Thursday.

We had found this great middle-eastern restaurant Kan Zaman which is our new "fave" for downtown Chicago dining.  Whenever Will goes to Moody, he always makes a trip there.  I need to learn how to make falafel they way they do.    The students always seem to get a good rate at: Best Western Riverside North, which is where we spent the night.  Although I would probably go through priceline if I were not so picky about location.  This is walking distance to Moody and all of the downtown things.

The next day Will had class all day, so I slept in, enjoyed the quiet and found some lunch at walked to the Chicago Art Institute and spent the day there.  It has been a while ( 20 years?) since I've been there.

But it's amazing how perspective changes.  I distinctly remember the impressionists making a profound impact on me when I first visited it.  Since then, I've been to the Musee D'Orsay in Paris and plenty of time to try to discover if I really do like Degas, Renoir, Van Gogh, and of course, Monet.  And time has not changed my good opinion of either.  In fact, it has heightened it.  I don't think I'll be satisfied until I can make a pilgrimage to Giverny, France where Monet spent all of his time and found his inspiration for his work.  Can there be a better painting (or series of paintings) than Waterlilies??

And all of my trouncing around in different countries has given me a little bit of appreciation for ancient sculpture and pottery, but no amount of traveling, reading or trouncing will ever give me a like for modern art.  It is just as awful as I remember it.  No.  The only thing that gives you an appreciation for modern art is a strong hallucinogen and a reclusive melancholic tendency, neither of which I intend to acquire a love for over the span of my short life.

So, if you do plan on visiting the Art Institute of Chicago, go directly the second floor for the impressionists, the realists, and the American folk art is worth seeing also.  The midwestern-sentiment is captured so humorously in Grant Wood's American Gothic.  And there are a handful of Georgia O'Keefe's works that are always a delight.   And the best news is yet to come: Admission is free for Illinois residents during the weekdays for the month of January!

So, with tired feet but a happy heart, I walked back to the hotel, but not before a short trip into the Eddie Bauer and the Starbucks on the way--to rest my feet, of course..  And a quick bite of Thai food before making the journey homeward.  And to think I have to get back to my housework now... hhmmm....


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

The only thing that gives you an appreciation for modern art is a strong hallucinogen and a reclusive melancholic tendency, neither of which I intend to acquire a love for over the span of my short life.

There's the money quote, right there!

Preach it, sister!

Organizing Mommy said...

The MONEY quote--LOL!! Thanks Julie!