Sunday, January 1, 2012

goals for the new year..

Well, the Lord hasn't come for us yet, so we're on for another year..  For those of you who torture yourselves regularly by reading this, thank you for your faithfulness.  It warms my heart to have "readers" and fellow bloggers out there.

I was out looking for my last year's New Year's resolutions..  What?!  Did I forget to make them?  That's pretty lame.  No wonder I'm not feeling a sense of accomplishment! I forgot to set some goals!

So, in order to right this wrong, I think I'll make some resolutions.  And perhaps it will take me longer than next Thursday to break all of them.  On second thought, let's not call them resolutions.  Let's just call them goals.

 Goals for practical living:

1) To not add any more activities to my life.  O.K. that is impossible, but this past year I have added: teaching English at a Christian school AND professional organizing to my schedule.  I would like to just keep these jobs and not take on more.

2) To be more purposeful about feeding my family.  Of course we eat.  But why do I continue to fight menu planning?  I wish I could figure this out and find a system that works for me.

3) To continue to exercise and train my own body.  I have realized that teaching exercise is not the same as actually exercising.  I need to make my own exercise just as purposeful as my teaching.

4) To read.  I want to read more actual books.  Less fluff and more substance. Somehow I think that the world has to be perfect in order to get me to sit down and read.  Life is never going to be perfect.

5) Carry my planner.  I have a planner.  But half of the time I can't find it.  I don't enjoy or have access to electronic planning, so a paper planner needs to happen for me.  It's never fun double or triple booking.  Thankfully, it only happened a few times this year.  Maybe this coming year, it will happen a little less..

6) Love my husband more.  How much is "enough love" for someone else? not sure.  So, more is always better, I think.  When his smile is so big that everyone knows he's happy and well cared for then maybe I'm starting to hit the goal.

Goals for spiritual living:

1) To stop making excuses for Bible memory and actually do it systematically.  I had every intention of finishing the first chapter of Hebrews before the new year.  Somehow, I am not there yet.

2) To get more involved with my children by praying for them more.  Prayer is a weak area for me.  So, only have five children.  This isn't rocket science.  I'm not sure why I am not doing this more.

3) To figure out what silence and solitude means for someone like me.  I have heard this is an important spiritual discipline to cultivate.

So, there!  Now I have some goals.  And I have a year to figure them out, rather than just six days to break the resolutions..

I hope you are going to have a fabulous year in 2012.  God is so good.  Look forward to enjoying it with you guys..


Becky said...

I love the thought process. Set goals and then use the year to figure them out, as opposed to making resolutions and then breaking them. I think I'll utilize your new procedure.

Mrs. Santos said...

I agree with Becky...I like your perspective. Also, looking forward to the Lord's return. Maybe this year?

Mrs. Parunak said...

I love your goals. I sort of stink at the whole New Year's resolution thing. I never, ever do it. I did, however, buy a new bulletin board for the dining area/homeschool area and make spiffy new charts for the children. So that sort of counts as having goals for the New Year.

I would also love it if the Lord would come back. This year would be great. This week would be great.

The dB family said...

Great goals. I'm feeling a little more inspired to come up with a list of my own now.