Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The NO-brainer wardrobe

"If you can be confident in how you look and content in your circumstances, you are a mighty force to be reckoned with. " one of my favorite quotes from a great new ebook called: the No-Brainer Wardrobe by the "tiny twig"i.e. Hayley Morgan.

What a fun read!  She doesn't know it, but she is definitely an organizing mommy!!  She's got the clothing issues wired, and I am happy to have been thus informed.  I encourage you to buy this ebook (I can say that, right?  I'm not getting paid to write a review or anything..)

So, let me give you an organizing mommy sketch of the goods-- not enough to plagarize--but just enough to whet your whistle.

So, what does this tiny twig have to say about picking out clothing? and keeping it orderly?  Well, first off, you should know--she IS a tiny twig--size 0.  I'm not inclined to trust anyone who is a size 0 under normal circumstances, but I have to say that it isn't her fault.  She has had children and I assume she eats.  We really can't fault her for being a twig.  But does the twig know how to give advice to let's say.. branches.. or trunks.. or an ancient hemlock.. for example..??

Yes, she does.  Her suggestions are timeless and frugal.  She even has a special section for plus sized gals.  (I'm assuming the size 6 girls? and above?)  Either way, you will be encouraged-- not discouraged.  I love her idea of a capsule wardrobe, finding your personal style, and putting together outfits ahead of time.
There are even some fun activities to do to help you discover your style..  fun stuff.

I really love her suggestions about how to dress as you get older..  (like over 35? I'm guessing)  And I am surprised to say that these are things that I have just started doing more naturally, without having read and read about what to do.  The basic concept is not "dress your age" but "embrace your classiness and confidence"  Oh yeah.

This has been my experience.  Ever since my late 30's/ early 40's, I have really enjoyed dressing better and looking better than when I was younger.  And it's not that I actually DO look better, but I just feel better--more confident-- (can I say it?) even sexier??  (Egad.  I didn't say that.) You didn't read that here. Oops my inner Ukrainian woman just came out.

Moving on.. The one disagreement I have with the author is the assertion that everyone looks good in skinny jeans.  I'm sure SHE looks good in skinny jeans, but I can't think of anyone else who does.  I think they are horrible on every level.  But I'm not going to fault the girl on that.  When she's 40 and sexier, she'll know that skinny jeans are just not good for anyone.  LOL.

My other (personal) problem I have with the book is not the information or the concepts or the writing--all of that was great.  What I am wondering how I will EVER be able to do is wear the same combination of clothes TWICE!!  Let alone three or more times.  This is not a fault with the book--just my own hangup.  I love the endless artistic drama of getting outfits together.

This makes for a very crowded closet and an endless shopping habit.  So you see, I'm the kind of person who needs this book.  Whether you are feeling like you don't have enough clothes or too many clothes, the issues are made clear.  Thank you Tiny Twig for writing the No-Brainer Wardrobe.


MommaMindy said...

SKINNY JEANS ARE AWESOME! Because they are high waisted, they hold your bulging baby belly in like the good old days in the 80's when they knew how to make jeans. Then you wear a long top over the jeans and it shows the skinniest part of your legs, the calves. See, nothing risque about that at all. Everyone should show off nice calves. :)

I have just started buying "grown-up" clothes and shoes in the past few years. No more jumpers for me, no sirreee!

I learned to buy an outfit complete with jewelry to help myself look more put together. I usually only have a few shirts at a time that are suitable for public, so I've been making myself shop more. It was a New Year's resolution. Will have to look for that book!

Organizing Mommy said...

Momma mindy-- O.K. you seemed normal... You know what this means, don't you? that you need to come to the midwest (Chicago area) and help me find an awesome pair of skinny jeans so I can eat my words. I'm willing to humble myself and admit that I was wrong only if you can come and shop with me! LOL.

sara said...

I'm with ya on the skinny jeans, OM. I hated them in the eighties and I hate them more now. I have never seen them look good on anyone other than models - and even then I think they're kind of odd-looking. It's even weirder that 15-year-old BOYS are wearing them around my way. Ugh.

Mrs. Santos said...

The twig, branch, trunk comparison had me laughing out loud. Still smiling about it. I was just going through some old pictures and noticed how I dress (almost 40) much better than I did when I was young(er). Thanks for the review.

Jenny P. said...

I detest skinny jeans with a passion. In fact, I'll go the opposite direction: I think only trouser cut jeans work well on a lot of figures! Too bad those are hard to find lately...

Thanks for the heads-up on the ebook. My goal for the year is to reorganized/throw out/replace all my random assortment of clothes and pull together something that might be considered a "wardrobe". This could be very useful :)

MommaMindy said...

Would you please email me? Lost contact information.



Herding Grasshoppers said...

HA HA HA HA HA! Yah, skinny jeans. I thought (?) I looked good in them. When I was in college. Since then? Not so much.

And if you're an ancient hemlock (not!), I think I'm a baobab.


Organizing Mommy said...

Once again--Julie-- the boabab http://www.blueplanetbiomes.org/baobab.htm
is something I had to look up. Now, I am informed. I am sure you do not look like a boabab, but even so, your capsule probably will not (as mine will not) include SKINNY JEANS!!

synge lucia said...

I am along with ya about the thin denim jeans, OM. We disliked all of them within the eighties as well as We detest all of them much more right now. I've in no way observed all of them appear great upon anybody besides versions -- as well as i quickly believe they are type of odd-looking. It is actually weirder which 15-year-old KIDS tend to be putting on all of them close to my personal method. Grrr.

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