Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy cruisin'

If you didn't piece this all together, Will and I took a small cruise this past week.  Did we get a sunburn or what?  (just kidding-- this picture (above) is not us!)  But aren't they cute?

There's a story behind this photo, and I think you'll be delighted to hear what the Lord did on our very last day of the cruise.

We were on the Carnival cruise line, which as you may know, is notorious for its partying clientele. ahem.  As much as we enjoyed the time alone with each other, we thought wouldn't it be nice to meet some believers on this cruise?

So, it's not like the other passengers that we met weren't darling, fabulous, educated, or just plain entertaining, but there's something special about meeting a true believer in Jesus.

But I didn't worry about it took much, since we had each other!  And on the last day, we went up to the serenity deck and watched the sun set, and we looked around for someone to take our picture.  Sure enough, we found two young girls to take some photos.  But it was very cold!!  Yes, this was a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico, but we hit a wavy, windy cold front and it was chilly.  So, I cruised over to the hot tub to warm my hands.

So, while I was over there, I noticed a cute couple just sitting in the tub.  And out of the blue, in my normal hedgehog way, I asked, 

"Would you guys like your picture taken?"  

(Not: Hi, hello, I'm a little ADHD, have tourettes, and was wondering if you would like to meet me..and how about a photo?)  

Anyway, they answered enthusiastically, "Yes, we would!"

So, I cruised over to my husband and said, "We've got to take their picture.. over here in the tub.."

Without asking any questions, because he knows how crazy I am, he just goes over there and starts setting up for a picture..

And while we were positioning them and making them hug each other like that.. the gentleman kept saying..  "He gives us the desires of our hearts.. He gives us the desires of our hearts.."

And I heard him quoting Bible verses.. "Are you a believer in the Lord Jesus?" I blurted out.

"Yes, I sure am! I was just asking the Lord HOW we were going to get a picture taken in this beautiful sunset.  If I ran upstairs to get the camera, it would all be gone by the time I got back.. and then he sent you.."

Yes, HE did.  He sent me so that I can not only take your picture but meet other believers.. which incidentally, was the desire of my heart!

And seeing them once again in this photo reminds me of how sweet believers really are.  You can see it in their eyes and smile.  And now that Joanna has edited the photos all professional-like, we can email them the photo!

And Will and I probably had THE most relaxing vacation EVER.  


Herding Grasshoppers said...

That is a wonderful story and an adorable couple!


sara said...

ditto Julie AND a very nice photo

Jena, sometimes you remind me of one of my aunts who has such faith and joy in the Lord to provide the "little things." I love that about her and you.

Mrs. Parunak said...

What a great story! I love it! And I think that adorable couple will be thrilled with their picture.