Saturday, March 31, 2012

Strangely involuntary...

Have you seen the movie Ratatoille?  The little rat, Remi, is up under Linguini's hat.  Remi tugs the hair of his human friend and they both discover that by just pulling his hair a little bit this way or that, the rat chef controls the human.  "It's strangely involuntary!!" exclaims Linguini.  And that seems to be their mutual secret weapon for getting the human to look like he's cooking..

Well, I felt like Linguini today.  The scene was not the kitchen, though.

It was the gym.

Several middle-aged ladies were huffing and puffing around their steps as one wiry bird instructor called out commands.

But this wasn't any instructor.  Oh no.  This was my instructor.  Five years ago, when I decided to take my health seriously, I found myself getting smaller and smaller to the beat of step aerobics and the familiar cheers of Wendy.

I got so ingrained in her cueing, her style and her cheering  that I could do almost any combination with very little thinking.  I didn't even have to look at her.  The auditory learner in me just took over.  I was even "the teacher in training" for a while, until I made the decision to pursue pilates.

Fast forward a few years.  Events separated us, and my interest in step aerobics and cardio training in general dwindled down to almost nothing.  Because of pilates, I've been able to keep myself strong and flexible, but not healthy in the sense of cardiovascular workouts.

(And you all know, or you should know, that cardio vascular training is very important for overall health, even if you do not need to lose weight!)

Now keep in mind, it's been a few years since I've even had a decent cardio workout.  So, I show up this new class and there's that same little fiery gal, two sizes smaller than she was before and she's just taken her jumping bean medicine or something. ...

And I set up my step and get 'er going.

And my ears hear the familiar cues from my first cardio teacher (Wendy) and my body justs starts a-going.  Half of me is just saying, "whoa!" but the other half is just going.  And I realize I have no control over this situation.  When she speaks, my body moves.  "It's strangely involuntary!!"

My face is beat red.  My heart rate is probably 85% (because I'm so out of shape..) and I force myself to step in place for a minute to bring my heart rate down to normal again..

And I realize something.

I could involuntarily die of a heart attack--just by listening to her voice all day long-- or even an hour or two..

And then I think--    yeah.. but.. I'd love every minute of it.

The headlines read:  Middle-aged mother of five dies of heart attack sprawled out on the middle of the aerobic studio.  

Her last words were, "That was fun!"


Mrs. Parunak said...

Sounds totally fabulous! The right teacher makes all the difference in the world. Good for you for going back to aerobics, too.

Ruby said...

They will mention of course, that she went out doing what she loved best!

singtothelord2 said...

hee hee