Monday, April 30, 2012

And I miss those gals!

This past week my three kids were in a play through our homeschool coop, Hallstrom.  The play involved many rehearsals and emails and then THREE nights of performances--whew!

Other than the general exhaustion of being a single mom for this past week (husband was on a business trip to China) and working almost full time this week (school needed a sub for three days) and having a child sick (what are we expecting with a crazy life like ours?).. I made a discovery...

I miss being a homeschooling mommy.

Yes, indeed.  I miss my kids.  I miss my husband.  I miss my old life.  And I miss the Hallstrom mommies!!

Because of the teaching I was doing for the school, I was not at Hallstrom with my kids.  (We had to get special permission for this)  And even though I was able (somewhat) to keep up with who needed what, and with whom we owed money, and what days are we required to do something, it just wasn't the same.

So, during the play, I was able to reconnect with several of the moms.

"Where have you been all year??"


"I see your kids, but I never see you!"

We've been doing this co-op for... (this next year will be ) 10 years!  Our kids have grown up with these kids.  The moms and I have struggled through this.  My second child will be graduating with them.  And my next two will kill me if I even suggest anything else other than Hallstrom for them!

So, I have two Tuesdays left to reconnect with everyone.  And I miss those gals.  They are my fox-hole buddies.  Yes, homeschooling is fabulous and awesome and all of that.  It is also hard to manage it all at times.  And we all struggle with the same stuff!  How do I do it all?  or more specifically, How do I know what not to do?  And in this case, the answer is different every year.

But next year is a new year.  Time to rebalance it.  So, this Tuesday, I am at Hallstrom.

My son plays his cello in the worship band.  I want to see it.   My other son performs with his sign language class.  The performance is Tuesday night.  Can't wait.  My daughter is getting A's in most of her classes--would like to visit some of her classes also.

And my husband is home from China.  yeah! By the time he got home on Saturday, I was so exhausted that I slept a full night's sleep Saturday night and topped it off with a 5 hour nap on Sunday afternoon.  And then slept another full night's sleep on Sunday night.  Needless to say, I am feeling well rested.. LOL.

And then, tonight, the boys arrive home from college.  All under one roof again-- precious.  One of my best friends has a son who is rooming with our Jamie.  They are both arriving around dinnertime.  We plan to have dinner at their house as two families--fun!!  God is good.  Reunions are good.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Boys home from college? Just for the weekend? Sounds great to all be together... I LOVE that feeling even when the boys have just been out in the neighborhood for the afternoon. Like a mother hen with all her chicks back under her wings :D


Mrs. Parunak said...

Sounds like some wonderful restorative time fostering long-term relationships. Enjoy it all! What a lovely blessing.

Organizing Mommy said...

Our boy (Jamie) and his friend (Shawn) are the "boys" home from college. And yes, they are home for the year. School is out, and their summer is just starting. We EVEN got his grades--already!