Saturday, April 14, 2012

Did you blog it out??

Now it's Friday morning.  It's my regular activity (these days) to show up for step aerobics with my wiry bird instructor.

And I'm late.

as always.

But I get there and set up the step.

She's step-touching, cueing, and gettin' er done and she noticed my hand.

"What's up with the hand?"  she says directly to me, while being in charge of the other 8 million things going on while teaching an aerobics class.

"Iced tea!"  I said.  Trying to hold my core in enough to not jiggle my fat around while keeping time.


"I was buying some iced tea and had an accident!"  turn step, hop step-touch step-touch...

"There's a story behind this?  Did you blog it out?"..  she says between cues.

"I sure did.."  " I blogged it out.."

It's kind of like crying it out. talking it out.. blogging it out.  If there's any angst in the world... if there's any drama.. if there's anything at all worth saying.. we just blog it out.

And nobody says, "oh, I hope you feel better soon.."

Oh no.  It's all about the story.  Did I have a story?  And yes, I'm the exact same in real life as I am on the blog.

I purposely picked a bright blue bandage to wear so everyone would ask, and then I could have "a story".  not kidding.

And I have "fans", if you will, in real life.

One day last week, while I'm trying to leave the corporate workplace after teaching pilates, I had these two gals come up to me.  All they have to do is look at me and they start giggling.  And one said,

"So, what's the story?"  "What's the latest on the blog??"

Great.  Now I don't even have blog readers; I have blog-story listeners.  They want me to stop everything I am doing and act out whatever the latest story is, with the voices, accents, and correct intonations and all...

So keep in mind this.  Where I work is the home of 95% of all of the introverts in the entire vicinity of Rockford.  Engineers. left brain. quiet.  no wasted words.

Why God has placed me there amidst all of that seriousness is beyond me.  I'm just a happy hedgehog.  And here I am.. acting out my blog stories, right there in the hallway.

Everyone has a ministry I guess.  So, Kim, Jackie, Melissa, Roxy and all of my other corporate workplace fans,   I'll be acting out blog posts 36-152 in the hallways on Monday from 1:30--2:00 p.m.  if you need a break from work.


sara said...

A hedgehog among the introverts, huh? I bet that's true in blogland too. I'm glad for what you bring to the party.

sara said...

Oh, and I DO hope you feel better! :)

Herding Grasshoppers said...


Bernadette Veenstra said...


Kathi said...

Jena, you always make me laugh! And yes, blogging it out is very therapeutic. It lets friends share their anxieties with friends they've never even met, but we have our womanhood, motherhood, and otherhoods in common, and it makes the world a better place!

Organizing Mommy said...

LIKE all of your sweet comments. Thanks for putting up the hog.

Mrs. Parunak said...

Yes, "blog it out," isn't that the truth? I can't seem to really learn anything about life until I condense it into a blog post.