Sunday, April 15, 2012

No she isn't!!!

Lately, some marvelous things have been happening to our 'lil Jo-Snazz-anna  (Joanna)..

And if you are my friend in real life who are completely exasperated by constantly hearing about how fabulous Jo is, you are not alone.

After hearing about the huge scholarship(s) awarded by the Schaumburg Institute of Art for her Digital Photography major and her trip to Europe coming up with this group, her many jewelry items for sale and her fantastic sewing ability, a weary mother and friend of mine said,

"Is there anything she can't do??"

And I replied, "yeah. plenty.  It's called: keeping her room clean.."

She stays up late editing photos, studying, counseling her friends, and spewing fabric and patterns all over the world, wakes up at the last minute, grabs her camera and is off to another photo shoot.

And I'M SURE that she will pick up the Algebra II or Anatomy study materials that are sprawled all over the living room, the 17 power cords and laptops and miscellaneous equipment causing a power surge, and the "I just wanted to try this recipe" ingredients all over the kitchen, and let's not forget the 178 pieces of jewelry just created to earn money for her European photo school this summer  RIGHT AFTER she gets done saving the world and creating goodness by photographing all of her friends.. FOR A SONG because she is sweet like that...

But it does get a tad chaotic here.

After one grueling day when I got into the car to take it some where, I noticed that our fabulous daughter had left the gas tank on E.  Actually, it was less than E.  The fumes were crying out for air.  I even have her carry a gas card.  What the?

So, it was one of those mornings where I spent almost the entire time trying to find the counter in the kitchen and put out several fires, all of which escape me at the moment because Will was out of town on a business trip to Ireland.  And I get into this car with absolutely no gas.  Nada. zero. zilch.

O.K. perhaps there was some gas in there because I managed to get to the nearest gas station and fill up before doing my next thing, which I can't remember.  (probably trying to teach English at the school or something frivolous like that..)

And for some odd reason, our Jo "copped at attitude" that day to boot.  Great.  You know.  Even the good kids have bad days.

And despite the fact that Will was out of town, I got a notion that it was the will of God for me to cook dinner that night.  I imagined some form of a family dinner.  crazy.  I know.

And sure enough, Jo has some activity.  It was either a robotics meeting, a photo shoot, a political volunteer thingy or something and she wasn't at dinner.  But a friend of ours (Ryan) wanted to borrow the big vehicle and the boys to help him pick up a washing machine.  Fine.

"O.K. you kids eat here and then go get the thingy..."  (I'm eloquent like that..)

So, I managed to feed at least somebody!!

So, Jo calls in and notifies all of us that she will be picking the boys up at Ryan's after she dropped off Natalie, so he wouldn't have to bring them home after they get done doing the pick up and delivery.

And Ryan feels very happy that he doesn't have to return the boys back to the house and (innocently) exclaims, "You have a very smart daughter.."

and I don't know what happened, but I snapped.  "No.   I.  don't"  "She is not smart.  No she isn't!"

And Ryan,  not wanting to argue with the chef and his (pretend) mother, did what any good guy should do in that situation.  Nothing.   He did nothing.   and he kept eating.  For some odd reason, nobody wanted to linger around and eat dessert.  Can't imagine why.

Afterwards, I felt a certain amount of guilt about saying that, and I had to confess to Joanna the whole which she laughed uproariously.

And we have almost made it through another year of homeschooling, another graduation, another grand soiree (to which we have invited 199 of our closest facebook friends) and 100 other regular invites.. but I see the end in view.

On a funny note, my mother called and asked the kids what Joanna would like for a graduation gift.

To which Nathanael responded like this.

 "probably a hundred dollars or a thousand dollars.. either one would be fine.."

And Emily chimed in to support her cause.  "Grandma.  She's not like Jamie where a bag of skittles makes a good gift... she needs cash."

When my Mom called Jamie to asked what he would like for a Christmas present, he said that he would like:

a Resee's peanut butter cup

That was probably what he was eating at the moment or something..?

So, if you are reading this and you feel bad that you did not receive a facebook invite to the Gala celebration, consider yourself invited.  And you,  just you,  can bring a bag of skittles.

Everyone else can bring either a hundred dollars or a thousand dollars..

'just sayin.


Bernadette Veenstra said...

Seriously, you make my day.=) Your way with words is amazing. And she probably gets her energy from her mom.

Organizing Mommy said...

Bernadette!! YOU make MY day. Thanks for reading and being so sweet to say something in the comments. Joanna has a temperment like her father, and that's all I'm going to say. She says occasionally, "Mommy. I think I'm starting to get like you.." and she'll explained some sort of hair brained thing she did.. But yesterday morning when she was half asleep making bread for the chapel potluck, I gave her a big hug and said, "JO! I can hardly believe you are going to Europe in six weeks!!" And she said, "Can you put me down now?" yeah. Except.. when I do the happy dance eVERYONE is required to put up with me.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Thanks for the laugh before lunch!

And congratulations on launching another fine arrow into the world ;D


Mrs. Parunak said...

Congratulations on your talented, creative, active, sweet, thoughtful, and SMART daughter. I'm so excited to be one of you 199 closest Facebook friends. I'd love to show up with Skittles. I can't figure out how to make a trip then work, but I haven't responded yet because I'm still not willing to give up.

Angie said...

I love reading Jo's blog...she's so creative and sweet! Glad to know she's human too! Love the mom perspective...I have a 13 yr old son who has problems keeping his room clean too! said...

Your card is just beautiful -- and what a lovely gift. Any woman would be thrilled to receive this.