Thursday, May 3, 2012

A cave of bats..

Last night, AFTER the midnight meal.. (the eating and cooking gathering that happens at our house after prayer meeting that often lasts until midnight..) .. anyway..

AFTER the midnight meal, I glanced over the big green couch, otherwise known as "the big green horse" and I noticed Webber ninjas all sitting side by side, watching some crazy video on the computer.

All four of the older kids, under one roof, all on one couch, doing something together.  Our little one was already in bed.

And I left them there and joined my husband.

And the little mother hen in me said, "Isn't that cute?"

And the security warden in me said, "Turn off the lights and lock the door before you head to bed.."

And the teenager in me said, "Oooh.. I'd like to see that video.."

And the wife in me said, "No.  I need to be with my husband.."

So I did.  And I have no idea how late the bats stayed up.  But the cave was empty this morning, so I assume they have all found a place to "hang" for the night.

And I can only reflect on the nature of parenting and how it morphs every year.

Yes, of course, I remember the days when the kids HAD to be in bed and sleeping before we could go to bed each night.  It was like they had an axe to grind... "Let's see how crabby and senseless we can be right before bed and drive our parents to the brink of insanity.. .EACH. and. every. night.."

And I am not sure how other families do it, but I much prefer the cave of bats over the bedtime nazi routine.

But if being the bedtime nazi gives you a sense of peace and order in your lives, I'm sure your family is used to it by now.  Kids are resilient like that.

I like the way my mother does it.  When she comes to visit us, she just goes to bed and gets up when she feels like it.  She rolls over on her deaf ear and falls asleep.  My Dad, on the other hand, seems to really enjoy when music rehearsal starts at 11:00 p.m.  LOL..

All of the chicks are in the nest.. is the motto for some families..

And all of the bats are in the cave.. is the motto for other families..

--just sayin.


Mrs. Parunak said...

How fun to have all your bats home in your cave. I wonder if we'll ever be "toddling off to bed" (as my parents would say) before our children. Probably. Although, my hubby is QUITE a night owl himself, so there's a good chance the "Hey, I'd like to see that video" voice will win out a good deal of the time.

Anonymous said...

With my first ones, it was "to bed on time," and I busily tucked them all in. Sixteen years later, Baby Joel was known to roam the house after I'd tucked him in while Aaron (oldest son, by now in college) did homework, and when Aaron got ready to go to bed, he'd find Joel (fast asleep somewhere) and put him into bed for me. I was fine. Joel seemed to live through it. And, we all got good nights of sleep. I like the cave thought. My mom used to tuck me into bed until I hit high school, and then I'd "tuck" her in. Alan and I go to bed about 10 pm and I have no clue when my young adult sons go to sleep, but they all get up and go to school and/or work on time, so I'm happy.

Kathi said...

"Anonymous" is really me, but I don't know what happened to the name. I'm guessing you recognize me by my kids' names, however! Good post. My bats do like to stay up late playing video games or watching a video now and then, and I often feel a little wistful as I choose hubby over kid-fun, but I think choosing hubby is the better part of valor!

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