Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I'm gonna get killed for this..

I'm going to get killed for this, but guess what?  I don't care.  


It's good to be the queen.

So, my daughter, Joanna, had to choose between all of her beautiful friends for someone to model for her latest and greatest scholarship competition for the Art Institute.  She needed a model.

I know. I know.  They are all beautiful.. 
In the end, she picked Carolyn.  After all, she won one scholarship with Carolyn.  Why not do it again?

So, Natalie (center) came along with them for the big contest. 

Sorry that we only have one photo of this, but if she wins, there will be more.  Pictured below are Joanna (left) and her model (Carolyn).  They were to go to Macy's in the Woodfield mall and pick out an outfit that was an inspiration from the design image (that they handed out on the day of the contest).  They had a price limit, etc.  Joanna said they were to "make it their own"--even though the design style may not have been originally their own personal style.
All the girls said the contest was a blast to participate in, so it was a win-win either way.  And what better way to celebrate a fun time than to end up at IKEA afterwards??  

Did you know that IKEA has food?  Good, cheap food??  

So, we had lunch there to celebrate whatever it is in life worth celebrating!  I couldn't resist the $.75 cup of tea offered at the food bar.  I put my feet up and just enjoyed the moment.

So, while we are all being tourists and having this unique experience of going to IKEA and eating food there, etc. etc, all the models and their mother, whipped out their phones and started texting someone to tell them where they were and what they were doing.

"Aaawww.. I wanna text somebody too... "  but I couldn't think of anyone who would want to know about this.  So, I thought about it.

That's it.  I'll send my son, Jamie, a text.  

"I'm at IKEA"  and hit send.  

Now I'm cool.  Now I've sent a text to someone.  It makes it official.  I was there, and someone knows it.

Soon enough I get a reply.

"Quick.  Find the nearest trash can and throw your debit card into it." 

No doubt Daddy prompted that text.

So.. like.. what is it about this post that is going to get me killed, anyway?  

Aahhh... it's the next part.  

The reason I will be killed is because I'm boasting on my daughter, which embarrasses her and makes her want to kill me.   But I'm the MOM.  I should own some of this.  

So every year, the Hallstrom group (our fabulous co-op) has a banquet.  Think "non-prom" for the kids.  The kids are not going with someone of the opposite gender--just going with their friends.  Every year there is a theme.  So, last year's theme was Phantom of the Opera/ Masquerade Ball.    This year's theme was the Titanic.  
 So, there is a small contest associated with this banquet for period costume design.  I knew that Jo was into historical costume making enough to research the era and styles before she designed and made her dress.

So, when she got home I asked her,  "Did they have a contest for the costumes this year?"

She said, "yes."  (nothing else)

"So,  did you win?" ????

"yes.  but I tied with Mandy (pictured above), and the parents judged it"

"Were you ever going to tell me???"


 No.  She was not going to tell me, so I'm glad I dragged it out of her.

"Look here, young lady.  I am the MOM.  You are required to tell me if you win some contest, OK??"


And here are some of her friends that are graduating with her this year.  What a great group of young people. (not all the seniors are pictured)


Barefoot Hippie Girl=) said...

Very interesting contest idea. I loved the "throw the debit card in the nearest trash can" thing. IKEA makes it way too easy to spend money. And Joanna's costume was gorgeous!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Three cheers for Joanna! A lovely young lady, on the inside and out :D


Mrs. Parunak said...

Haha! Yes, we love IKEA food and IKEA in general. And congrats to Joanna on winning that contest.