Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Much celebration around here..

It's not like things of pure awesome-ness haven't been happening around here, but for some reason, I am lagging in my reports.   

These lovely young ladies were all dressed for the English Country Ball, otherwise known as "Joanna's graduation party"..  I'm trying to figure out why I have hardly any pictures of the party!!  It's because everyone was dancing!

There were probably 150-160 people there, and about 60 young people and a handful of older young people dancing the Virginia Reel, and Jane Austen looking movements.. 

Thankfully, we did get a photo of the cake with the young lady. Some of her handmade decor is hanging in the background. 
We quickly recovered from that adventure and traveled up north to the DePere, WI area to celebrate the graduation of her friend, Emily (in turquoise).

Emily is going to India this summer for 6 months on a short-term mission trip.  That, combined with the influence of a loving Indian family in their meeting, all the girls are decked out in (fancy word that means Indian outfits) !!  

 I am kind of glad Jo has the purple!!  It suits her just fine.

 The two graduates: Emily and Joanna.. like sisters!

The girls, of course, were all feminine and pretty until this moment.  And then things started going downhill.  You know those hyper homeschool families that suggest their girls should learn "womanly arts" like needle point and tatting?   Well, we do all of that, but sometimes the womanly arts include:

that's right.  Riflery.  artillery.  bang. bang. bang.
No sooner did we arrive home from church, and the saris were left in a heap and guns emerged.  A big brother-type-of-friend, Simeon, made a special trip to get more artillery because Joanna hadn't had time to try the gun yet.  Sim got a new gun, and everyone got to try it.  Brothers are good like that.

 Thanks, Sim.  Thanks for thinking that you are a studly dude and need to buy a gun and artillery.  All the girls like it.  Especially Kara (Annie Okle) of the Wild Western part of Green Bay.

 Sheer beauty.  Joanna's got such awesome friends.
 And they know it.
 Sim, a.k.a. Jason Born.

James, "Houston"..

 And this is worth clicking on.

 The two families together.  Which are Webbers?  Which are Morells? Who's the Morell cousin?
And last but not least, Mom and Dad (meaning Will and I) celebrated 21 years this past weekend.  A relaxing time, just chillin' at home on the day after our anniversary.  


Barefoot Hippie Girl said...

I love guns! Brian and I both have semi automatic 9mm Smith and Wessons. They both have quite the kick. And it's amazing!=) We go on shooting dates on occasion.
Congrats on your anniversary! 21 years is q nice long time.

Mrs. Parunak said...

Aww. It's so much fun seeing pictures of your awesome teens. It gives me hope that someday having my own might be as wonderful as it is for you and not the nightmare that everyone tells me it's going to be ("oh sure, your kids are sweet now, but just wait until they're teenagers!").

Organizing Mommy said...

Barefoot Hippie: I am impressed. You didn't see the moms out there because we were eating lunch! But that sounds like a fearsome way to bond with your man. :)

And Mrs. P-- Your kids are sweet now and will be then also. Those parents who say their teenagers give them headaches probably didn't enjoy them when they were younger either. It was just a quieter drama.

Becky said...

Substitute the guns with bows and arrows and you'll have a picture of what goes on in my backyard. They can't shoot guns here, so they do that at my father's

Ruby said...

What fun those lovely young people are having! All the best to your Joanna for all that God has in store for her in the years ahead. Congratulations on your anniversary as well.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Congratulations to Joanna, Happy Anniversary to you, and oh-my-gosh-is-that-the-dress-she-made-from-a-sheet?! Amazing! And (also, but less, amazing) I think my parents had that sheet ;D


Missy Syvrud said...

Congratulations on 21 years! It will be 21 for us in a couple of weeks. Very nice pictures! I love the teen years! I always had trouble understanding the mind of a 2 year old, and usually resorted to, "Just do it my way, I'm the parent". :) So very sophisticated of me, I know...