Friday, May 18, 2012

So tomorrow we roll..

Last Saturday my (amazing) daughter graduated from high school.  Tomorrow is the grand soirree commemorating this occasion.  The ultimate in Jane-Austen type of girls fun--an English country ball dance, with a several (brainwashed) brothers to make for good partners.

My parents arrived last night, completely convinced that my house would be too busy with nonsense and booked a room at the Howard Johnson's.  Not that I'm opposed to the idea (in the general sense) but did you have to pick a 2 star hotel? My dad said he found that ad for the hotel on a local porn site.  Which is, of course, not true.  The porn sites advertise 3 stars and above (I'm guessing).

They said they would be around in the morning at my house, so if they do not emerge by 8:00, then I'll have a reason to be nervous.  These luxury accommodations include a free breakfast, which, as my dad says, "How can you ruin an egg?"  I fear there are many ways to ruin an egg.

So, today, Joanna and her friends are continuing to make homemade decorations for the rented pavilion. And there was no sense even arguing with her when she laid out a patterned yellow sheet on the floor last night.

"I suppose you are making a dress? Is it for the party?"

"Well.. if I finish it, it will be for the party.."

Of course, there has to be a  new dress for the English country ball.  And why not make it out of a sheet?  I just got out the IPAD and played "Norm" in Scrabble and just pretended not to notice.

It's not like it's going to do any good to say, "Hey.. do you think we have enough going on here? Is it really necessary to make a dress?"

Naw.  Hurricane Joanna is settled on making a dress, so that is what happens.  I was just so happy to contain all of the clutter into her "studio" before my parents arrived, even if they feared the hurricane enough to book a reservation at the H.J.

So, it's about this studio.

I call it her studio because there's too many cameras, lenses, photos, papers, patterns, fabric and sewing machines to actually fit a bed in there.  And I keep trying to kick her out of the bedroom where she and Emily sleep, but she keeps wedging herself back in there.  Well, I let her "sleep" in the bedroom, but I'm always trying to kick out her "junk"...

And, for some reason it was necessary to throw a surprise birthday party for one of their big brother friends this week.

Now you have to laugh at teenage girls.  They are always looking for an excuse to have a party.  Every detail of the "secret-ness" of planning the party was all wired.  The cake was amazing, and the house was decorated to the hilt.  But once the big "surprise!!" was over, they promptly left the poor guy to hang with the adults.  No discussions, no cards, no gifts.  We're done.  And went into the livingroom to continue whatever else they had going on.

Who knows??  Maybe they were just planning the next event? Thankfully, the young man wasn't expecting anything, so getting a piece of cake on the red plate sufficed for a gift enough, I guess.

Will and I procured a gift for him--primarily because I failed to return a shirt after purchasing the wrong size for Will.  But it is a decent shirt, so alls well that ends well.

So, today, after my parents arrive here from the swank H.J., we plan to get Emily to school, do some garage sale shopping, and finish the food preparations for the party tomorrow and register Joanna for college classes.  Oh, and I teach pilates at lunchtime..

Life is so boring around here.
--just sayin'


Barefoot Hippie Girl said...

Wow~I know it seems like I am going and going, but my days don't even compare with Joanna's. Youth...=)

Herding Grasshoppers said...

My friend, you make me dizzy!

Hope your folks like the HoJo, and a HUGE congrats to Joanna!


Becky said...

Congratulations to Joanna!!!
You make me laugh so hard - party because I know exactly how those parties go with girls. The planning, and the details, and more planning because of newly thought up details (the I've-decided-I-have-to-make-a-new-dress kind of thing), and up working 'til heaven knows when (because I gave up and went to bed); then add in the extra girls to get through the shower and their turn at the bathroom mirror (if several are staying with you, which turns it into a REAL, English, country house, style party), keep up with which kids still need to get to which music lesson or volunteer work, and try to stay on top of school/housework etc.
Yeah - I know those parties. Life is never boring here either.
Your parents' decision to stay at any hotel, two star or otherwise, was probably part survival instinct.
When others look at you, serenely wading through the chaos (or in your case, calmly playing Scrabble), they probably marvel at your patience and ability to cope. What they don't know is that the ability to slip into that particular state of being is also a survival instinct. I know - I've been there. :)