Saturday, June 16, 2012

Are you a sales person?

So, I'm out on a Saturday morning shopping run.  Even though my hair was majorly hedge-hogging, I managed to get out and do pilates before shopping this morning.  I know. I know. Awesome, eh?

I was so glad that Deb, the gal who teaches Saturday morning pilates is also aware that we are not interested in a brutal workout and gave us a lighter faire today.  So, my happy little hedgehog hair, yoga panted body goes to the store afterwards.

And there's a certain yumminess about shopping on Saturdays.  Even at Woodmans, there are live and free samples to eat your way through the store.  And my friend, my fox-hole buddy, homeschooling mommy, is the display lady for the cheese spread.

And I know perfectly well that neither Woodmans nor Regina or the cheese spread company (Scott's?) needs my help in sales, but I felt it to be my duty (my privilege?) to stand there and help her sell cheese.

"Hey! Did you know that this one right here is so yummy?"  "And it's a lot cheaper than that other brand?"  and

"Wouldn't this be nice to have on hand for guests?"  "Just a few crackers and you've got yourself a fine snack.."

Which made Regina totally crack up.  "It would even go well with beer.  If you drink beer. Which I don't. but still..."

She told me that she would like to see how many I could sell if I were there with her.  I would like to know that also, if it weren't for the fact that I had a cart full of groceries and an empty fridge at home.

One lady asked me if I did sales for a living.  I said, "heck, yeah!" .. "I have four teenagers.  Now that is a sales job, if I've ever seen one.." (actually. I lied.  One just turned 20)

Maybe I didn't say heck.  Not sure. When my hair is hedgehogging, I can never track spurious emissions.

So, other than selling cheese spreads that go well with beer, I have totally been doing almost nothing.