Saturday, June 9, 2012


My dear husband "landed" for a quick dinner and then headed out the door this morning early to catch the bus to O'Hare and back overseas to Thailand.

 Even though there was only a few hours at home, he gathered the family together and asked for prayer requests from each one. Then he proceeded to pray for each child and I. outloud. right there.

I just sat with my eyes closed, listening.  He prayed for everything from basic training to Hello Kitty and the Queen of England.  He really made his 15 hours at home count.

And when I look at my husband's life, the one thing that stands out is just that: discipline!  He has got to be the most disciplined person I know.

Hardly a day goes by where he doesn't exercise, read a minimum of 5 chapters (or more) in his Bible, pray, call people, work a full day, do volunteer work, have dinner with the family, make tea for me, study, etc. etc.  I know. I know.  It's intimidating.

I don't think we all need to be THAT disciplined.  But we could "take a page from that book" as my mother says.

And I will admit, some people come by routine a tad easier than the rest of us.  I'm groping for a word.. Oh yes,  I think I have it.


 Yup.  That's it:  STODGY

Let's just say that some people come by Stodgy easier than others.

I do not.  And who am I kidding?  Stodgy is sexy.  Stodgy pays the bills.  Stodgy gets up and goes to work each day and has the shirt tucked in and matching socks.  Stodgy goes the barber and trims those neck hairs at the back and shines his shoes.  Stodgy picks up the mail on the way back from taking out the trash.

And yes, sometimes.. life is routine.  and life is less than spontaneous (notice, I didn't say boring)..

And yet, Stodgy is happy, long-term, comforting.

And Stodgy is predictable.

Today I was out garage-sale-ing, and I stopped at a garage sale on the northeast side.  A man with a long sleeved buttoned oxford tucked into his trousers walked anxiously into the house, holding his dirty hands in front of him.    His shoulders were slightly rounded forward, his white hair and glasses were forward looking as his trim body marched forward.

I turned to the lady at the table, "Your husband is an engineer, isn't he?"

"Why yes, how did you know?"

(totally profiling, I know) "I'm married to one.  I pegged him right away.  He was either a doctor, an actuary or most likely an engineer."

She wanted me to guess what she did, since I was such a psychic.  I told her my skills were not that good, but I guessed a librarian.  She managed a retail store.

I asked her if she was happy to be married to an engineer for 37 years.  Oh yes, he was a good husband.  He was a good provider, and he never let them buy anything unless he had thoroughly researched it.  And then it lasts forever.  ditto. check.

So, we all aren't engineers (thank God) or married to them (probably a good thing also), but there are some things we can learn from these type of people, even if it goes completely against our artistic, spontaneous grains.  And I have a lot to learn.

But I can honestly say that things like hanging up towels on the racks, making my bed consistently, folding underwear nicely, and other oddities are all things I've learned in the past 21 years.  And this is not to say that my own mother did not try to teach me these skills, she did!

It just took a a sexy stodgy engineer to solidify the training program.

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Ruby said...

Nope, my hubby is not one of those :-( but my Dad was. The predictability was such a comfort.