Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's merry ole day in London..

The day before Joanna left for her European trip, the Webber Ninjas (our oldest four) decided to plan a photo shoot.  I'm not even sure how they did this, but I think it is cool.  I especially like Mary Poppins in the middle. LOL. I think that style of photo-editing is called "ghosting".  For those who are into photography.

So, there are so many other fun photos, but these are the ones Joanna has sent so far.  Below we have the youngest of the Bright family.  The Brights were perfect strangers to us two months ago until a mutual friend introduced us via telephone, email and facebook.  They are a homeschooling family in London who have six kids.  Six bright-eyed and bushy-tailed fabulous kids!

 The youngest is Michael, and the next up is Ian.  When I asked Jo how she was getting along, she said, "just fine! I don't miss you guys at all.  This family is just as crazy as ours!"

Well, I almost believe it.  When she told me that the oldest daughter had a dance recital, another family was staying over at the same time as she was, the Queen was having a country-wide party at the same time they were receiving someone else's child for a week, I knew right then and there that this was the right family.  
 And the one child of theirs who set this whole thing up wasn't even there because of some military training, I was quite sure that this was the right family.  That son, (the family has 5 boys) was a foreign exchange student during the time friends of ours were in Shanghai for a period of time.  Craziness. I know.  But it was so God.  So God.

She wouldn't have had more fun in any other situation.  Rumor has it that this family does not even own a car.  They just take the tube everywhere.  So, even the youngest child knows his way around.

 So there was plenty of time for sight-seeing going on, but they had to make time for a party: the celebration of the Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's II 60th year in her reign.

Every family can celebrate in their own patriotic way.

Here is the British flag.
 And there was tea.

 Here is the fun Mom of the family, showing a photo of how the house was decorated for the last celebration like this.
You can tell these homeschool mommies have talent.
 Too pretty to eat!
 And homeschool dads have fun playing strategy games
 And this photo was from Rockford, but it is very London-ish looking..
 but this is actually in London

 And don't look now, but here's the Queen.
Yes, it was a random citing, but a rare one indeed.

So, now she is still in London but with her photography group, IPS.  She will be traveling with them and somehow getting to Paris and back before the week is over.

Too fun!  I miss her, but I am so glad she is able to have this experience!


Sarah said...

I wonder if we could send our kids to her! ha ha!

Ruby said...

what a wonderful experience!

Kathi said...

Wow! Where did she see the Queen? That's really spectacular. I also love the ghost pictures...have to see if one of my kids can show me how! How long does she get to stay?