Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pot Secret..

I was cleaning out the craft room in the basement.  I managed to unearth some old scraps of colored paper from days of old.  It was approximately 10 years ago, that hardly a day went by that the "special investigators" didn't don themselves in trench coats, sunglasses and briefcases and traipse through the house looking for latest mysteries to solve.  One too many episodes of Wishbone, I think.

And there was always a secret to be hid or discovered or a bomb to be detonated or built.  I can't remember which, because I just let them go on adventures all over the place... in the house.

So,  I found this little scrap of paper that said, "POT SECRET" with the scrawl of an 8 year old.

Oh, I get it, you meant to write TOP SECRET didn't you?  And just like HUDSOD made sense to Emily when she wrote it, POT SECRET made sense to the detective brigade, very few could read or write very well.  Just like OWL in the Pooh Bear stories-- He could write and read, but it was wobbly.  Good but wobbly, especially in the spelling area.

So, I grabbed the scrap of paper and brought it upstairs.  I just put in on the fridge for future reference.  Wasn't sure what I was going to do with this yet, but I could tell that it was going to go somewhere or do something.   But I wasn't sure what.  So, I just left it there and got on with my life.

So, last night, we had our regular prayer meeting and then the crazy event that we refer to as "the midnight meal"-  basically we all just get together and cook some food and eat it.  I have a "loose plan" of what I am doing, but basically, it just grows as we go.

So, my friend (who doesn't normally come) was there last night.  She looked at the meal of garbanzo beans, rice, veggies and Indian seasoning and said, "What do you call this?"

And I thought about it.  Because sometimes I will have a name of for things..  not usually. but it does happen. But today it was easy to come up with a name.

"Pot Secret"

Yup.  That's it.  It's a POT SECRET.  Never to be repeated.