Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Still sizzlin' 21 years and counting..

A good family makes room for a good marriage.  Plain and simple.  Things SHOULD not be looking right from the outside if things are not right from the inside..  

But what we are realizing is what everyone has been telling us for the past 20 years--relationships take time. and effort. and money. and mostly time.  

And kindness.  a lot of kindness..  

 And love languages.. a lot of love language..
 and dates..  a lot of hot dates..
 Sometimes you have to go all out and spend some money on a new dress, visit the "underwear store" as I call it and go to the "smellums store" and primp up.

Am I actually suggesting that you go out and spend money on yourself to make yourself more sexy for your husband?  yes. and most definitely YES!  And it is fun too.  And I know how you feel about going into the "underwear store".. What if someone sees me in here? And does everything need to be hot pink?  Don't they make things for people my age?  I know. I know.  Note to self: find underwear store for middle aged, classy women.  

 And sometimes you need to get a good book on marriage and learn some things.  Or just be reminded that you like some things.  I recently read, Turn Up the Heat by Kevin Leman.  5 stars! Brilliant, insightful, respectful and funny.   Now there's a book about that topic (for married people, please).
 Unlike the other book I reviewed on that topic, this one gets a gold star rating from me.  And I'm a tough critic.  He's a counselor, a godly Christian man, and he's not creepy.  And he makes us laugh at ourselves, what could be better?  And he helps us with our delicate issues in marriage that polite people don't just sit around chatting about at the fellowship dinner.
And even though we aren't out blatantly discussing these things at the church potluck (gasp!) , if there are issues-- bad issues-- they will come out in every area of your life, including how you interact with people at the potluck. (pot-blessing??)

And my shy, but stalwart man gave an excellent exposition (in mixed company) of the Song of Solomon a few weeks ago.  He told me his undershirt was wringing wet when he was done teaching it, and he was so glad it was over.  But I think he did a great job on a very difficult topic.  No one can be more proud of him than I am.

A good man who loves the Lord Jesus, who faithfully serves his family by going to work each day and doing his best, who travels when his job requires it, who isn't crabby after a long day, who manages to listen to his wife's 10,000 words each day,  who makes tea and serves it to his wife, and I'm just getting started-- deserves more than I can give him.

But he hangs in there with me.  He just does.

Thank you, Lord for 21 happy years.


Barefoot Hippie Girl said...

I am a firm believer in the underwear store. As a matter of fact, I make a trip every once in a while to the places that have $1 grab bins with my favorite styles. I think we feel sexier for our husbands when we put a little effort into our appearance. This includes the panties, the exercising, the make up and the shaving. Whoo-hoo!=)
And, less you think that a youngin' like myself needs reminding, let me tell you, unless you make it a priority, this area can get lost in the shuffle with 4 little kids running around.

Kathi said...

Loved the pictures of you two. Your dress is just beautiful, and I actually like your hubby with a wisp of grey coming. Alan's hair is pretty much white now. Three cheers for trying to keep fit and dress attractively! I'd love to read Will's notes on his message. :)

Jenny P. said...

You two are a lovely couple and so inspiring :) Congratulations on 21years!
We were given Dr. Leman's "Sheet Music" as a wedding gift. He's an excellent author and I plan to read more of his work.

Organizing Mommy said...

A wisp of grey!! Yes, very attractive on a man. I'm trying to stay fit, but I like to eat! :) thanks for the encouragement all y'all.

Herding Grasshoppers said...


And good, good words, my friend :D


Mrs. Santos said...

Happy Anniversary and for the book recommendation. God bless you both!

Mrs. Santos said...

that was THANKS for the book rec. sorry

Mrs. Parunak said...

Happy Anniversary and Congratulations!