Friday, July 6, 2012

And then there was this new hobby

Yes, this is going to be my new favorite (uncluttery) hobby-- making memes for ecards.  Do you like this one?

I'll just say that there are more ways to waste time on the internet than there is time. But atleast today I made my self a written list of what I need to do on here before I get sidetracked.

And you can, of course, vote for mine.  Which will do nothing for me, even if I win.  I have two official cards up. Until I have more.  Which will be precisely after I get dressed and blitz for an hour because I have guilt.


It will be my "reward" for ironing 5 shirts or sorting through junk or cooking or something.

Oh, what has this world come to, eh?

But if you do go to that site, (which I won't put a link to because it is filled with raunchy stuff) just keep in mind that it is filled with raunchy stuff.

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