Saturday, July 14, 2012

the ever-illusive monetary blog

I've seen an ad on facebook recently about a woman who makes 7 (not 6) figures on her blog.  O.K. people that is a million dollars, I am just saying. That would be a rockstar blogger, for sure.

No wonder people are so confused.  Do you want to know how to make a million dollars on a blog?  I can tell you.  It's very simple.  It's the same way you make a million dollars on anything.

Give up everything else and bow down and worship it.  Very simple.  Seriously.  Stop having a life, children, a husband, friends, and a happy-go-lucky life.

This poor, young gal that I met through blogging had a very nice, easy but simple life going.  She and her poor husband decided to live on less that $1000.00 a month and blog about it.  Great idea, actually. Until the blog got too big, and the nay-sayers got involved with her life.  Before you know it, she had no privacy or life left.  I was grieved when it happened.

And yes, there are legitimate reasons why people need to supplement their incomes.  And there are probably some legitimate bloggers out there who deserve that level of income, but for the majority of us, that is not the case.  It's kind of like being a rock star.  Everyone wants to be one, but hardly anybody is.

But if you have severe rock and roll talent, as it were, you may, indeed, find a gig.  And that gig, for you, oh severely talented writer, could possibly be blogging.

As for me, I would rather not have the stress of wondering whether or not I am severely talented, linked up, tweeted, quoted, or google plus'd.  Quite honestly, I would like a somewhat normal life.

I took the ads off my sidebar.  Yeah, thanks for noticing.  I was making about as much in two months as I was in ONE HOUR of a side job that I have.  Seriously. pew.  Or maybe it was three months.  ha.

And quite honestly, I LIKE, no... I REALLY LIKE.. real people.  Not that I don't like blogging friends.  You guys are great.  But real people are awesome.  And conversations with real people are awesome also.

So, my advice to millionaire mommy blogger-wannabes?  Just live your life and blog for fun.  If it happens naturally without interfering with the normal balance of family living, then it was meant to be.  If you have to kill your husband and kids to bring in an income (from any resource) than it wasn't worth it.  Make sure your choices are in alignment with your overall goals.  In my case: raising a godly family and providing for a happy home where Christ is at the center is the big over-arching goal.

Rockstar or not, I still have my family and life in tact.  I hope you do also.


Barefoot Hippie Girl said...

I recently added a section where people can advertise on my site. But I am not pushing it. I don't tweet my available ad spots. I just know that I enjoy putting my button on other's sites, and wanted to give smaller blogs the same option. And both my ad sizes are free.=) Obviously not my goal to make money.
I have been proactive about growing my blog readership in the past couple months. I figure that tons of people read blogs, so I may as well give them the opportunity to read mine.
But, my goal is not to gain followers. I think there is a difference. I want people to read, enjoy, be inspired and challenged by my blog. Not to check a box to just give me another number.
I am very irritated by a couple blogs whose entire goal seems to be to gain followers of just be in the top 25 blog directory. All they post about, FB about, tweet about, is like me and vote for me. How about writing something worth reading? Seriously?!
Anyway, I love your blog. I love your heart. You are one of my blogging inspirations.=) Thanks for posting so frankly!=)

Anonymous said...

Jena, you hit the nail on the head with this blog! Great thoughts and I echo your sentiments. Keep up the good work. Love, Ann

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Amen, sister :D

Jena said...

thanks to everyone! You are all VERY encouraging, and that is what blogging is about: friendships! REAL friendships with people IRL or cyberspace. Although, a lot of you I know in real life also!