Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A mosque?

It was dark, and we were driving across a part of town that we don't normally go on a Sunday night.  We were at one end of town, and we had to get to the other end to pick up Hudson from a cello gig.

So, Will said, "Hey, do you know what that is?"

And I don't know WHAT planet I was on, but I said, "A mosque?"

Let me think about this.  It was flat roofed building with absolutely no  resemblance to any religious building, let alone a mosque.

But without skipping a beat or acting the faintest bit surprised, he said, "aahhh no.  It's our new dentist's office. But I can see how you'd think it was a mosque, with all of those minerets everywhere..."

"Yeah.. they are teeny tiny minerets.. nearly invisible.."

"they are virtual minerets.. .." he added..

It's like.. my family is so accustomed to my bizarre cognitive processes that they don't even flinch when I look at a flat roofed dentist office and suggest that it could somehow be a mosque..  Our dentist isn't even Muslim.  He's got to be a Swede or German, already.

I was (probably) thinking about the Islamic person I met earlier that week or something, and "mosque" is the first thing that came to mind.

For all that, I could have said, "Stonehenge" or " the Eiffel Tower" and it would have made about as much sense and would have, no doubt, gotten the same matter-of-fact response from my husband.

When I relayed this crazy story to my mother, it brought back another crazy memory from the past.  I'm not even sure I should tell it..

But I will.. because.. I just will.

So the year is like 1989 or something.  I was in college and had broken up with a boyfriend a year earlier.  We'll call this poor chap, "Ethan"  (not his real name, but I don't want him to stalk me down and kill me or something)

Now Ethan was a nice enough fella, but we had to break up.  At least I tried to break up.  My family, on the other hand, was not at all ready to break up with the dude.  They loved him.  He spent long weekends at the house, hung out with my family when I was away, cooked food at my parent's house for them, and became the president of my brother's fan club.  He was just sort of "part of the furniture" and nobody really knew how to shake him.

Except when I came home from school.  Then, he had to clear out. And I think he eventually got a life outside of my family, and then a girlfriend.  Things were looking up for the chap.  He was even getting married.  The only problem was that my family was still so engrossed with his life that: my Dad was his official videographer, my brother was in the wedding, and I'm not sure, but I think my Mom was running the guest book.  Great.  And he wants to have his bachelor party at our house the night before his wedding. double great.

Now, I'm in this awkward position of trying to avoid "seeing him" in my own house while he and my brother and his friends party down before the big night.  I was a paranoid wreck.

I was tempted to go down to the basement, burst into the door and just greet everyone and get over it, but NO.  I just avoided it and prayed that I could somehow avoid the entire scene.

Oh, to be a hermit in my own house.

But I think I was sent downstairs to pick up a load of laundry from the dryer.  Paranoia set in.

I'm going to see him.  I'm going to see him...  and so convinced of it, that the very first male body that I even caught a glimpse of, I said, "Ethan?????" in this stupid, high-pitched voice.

This huge guy with large blonde 80's "fro" hair turns around and gives me "the beak".  "What??!!"  he says incredulously.

"Tony, I think your sister is on drugs," the big guy said to my brother when he got downstairs.

The short, dark-haired fella that I was so paranoid about seeing, never did show up in my radar.  He probably was trying to avoid me just as much as I was trying to avoid him.  And why I thought that his best friend who could pass for the lead singer in ZZ TOP could possibly be this other guy is really beyond me.

Nevertheless, "Ethan"  did get married the next day to a nice girl.  And my entire family was part of the production, except for me.  I sat there, wondering at it all.  Mostly I was thankful though.  Thankful that I wasn't getting married.  Thankful that the bachelor party was over.  Thankful for my loving, generous family who befriends all sorts of people.

The short, dark-haired guy, the ZZ top dude, and my entire family all carried through with this bizarre event.   It was just another day in the life...

And like.. how did I get here from talking about a mosque, again?


Patty said...

haha! I love the way your brain works! I now know I'm not alone, haha! Yay for us different individuals eh?

singtothelord2 said...

so funny! I'm glad your family doesn't flinch...mine still give me that "what???!!" face

Jenny P. said...

LOL in your defense, there are mosques in the strangest places now. There was one nearby that was "busted" because they were meeting regularly in a home and were WAY to big to pull that off. Not that I'm against home churches/religious meetings! But this was like 20 families blocking the street multiple times a week.

Mrs. Parunak said...

My mother-in-law calls that "lateral thinking." I think it's the essence of creativity. It's probably the reason you make such beautiful craft projects and why you're so funny.

Jena said...

Lateral thinking! LOL thank you for such a nice thing to say, Mrs. P. I was thinking it was "absence of thinking"..