Wednesday, August 29, 2012

And we're off!

Another dear is yawning..  I mean..

Another year is dawning-- at least the school year is dawning, for those of us who are into that.

Shall we go from top to bottom this year?  So, here's our little schedule for 2012

This guy, James, just returned from his "field training" a week ago and is ready to head back to Michigan Tech University (tomorrow).  He is starting his third year, studying computer science.  He is officially a "Cadet" now.  So, try not to mess with him.  Other than eating and sleeping and working out, he likes to: get his hair cut, study, and eat.  Oh, I've already mentioned that. 

Before training, he and Joanna worked for me on a wire management team at Hamilton Sundstrand.  Yes, the kids had a lot of fun and made some money while they "managed wires".  

Joanna graduated in May.  She went to Europe in June.  She was going to start college in July, but God changed her heart.

Now we are just enjoying watching our beautiful daughter explore God's will for her life.  She is being responsible with her resources and her future.  I'm sure God has great things in store for her.

So, then we have three still in school.  There's Hudson.
  Handsome Hudson.
Hudson is starting his junior year of high school.  He is dramatic.
From a movie that he's in..

Yes, he still does a lot of cello.  He's also the male lead in the fall play. 

For school, he's taking: Chemistry, Classical Literature, U. S. History, Worship Arts,
and Advanced Math, and of course, drama.
And then there's Nathanael..
He's starting his freshman year of highschool.
He has: English, French II, World Geography, Biology, Algebra II, and Basketball.

 And I think I'll do a special post on what is going on with Emily, since this is already too long.
Her sweet little school had to close down, and the details of what we are doing with her are not finalized yet.  And she's sick right now, so she'll get a post when we get her organized.

 Here is our family's kids with the Lesko kids.  We have a tradition of getting together with them for a meal before school starts each year.  Everyone was happy that we picked "Famous Dave's" for our Going back to School dinner!


Kathi said...

Wow! Your kids are really growing up, and they're all so handsome. I love the picture of your daughter on the dock in the setting sun! Awesome. Did you take that? Anyway, I will be praying for the Lord to show her what the next step will be. It doesn't hurt to take some time to reflect and get a strong sense of direction before moving forward! Enjoy these years of hectic nurturing and admonishing!

Mrs. Parunak said...

I love my year-round school schedule, but posts like these do make me nostalgic for the fresh start feeling of a new school year. Happy yawning to all the dears.