Friday, August 10, 2012

Expect the unexpected

 Do you see these guys?

Cute, aren't they?  I snarfed the picture right off of facebook.  What we have here is a young married couple of two months: David and Rachel.  (last names withheld for privacy reasons)

We've known David for about 12 years.  He comes from a loving, Christian family with the most sincerely humble, godly parents and siblings all raised in a rural Wisconsin town.

 When David hit his early 20's, he was an explosion of Gospel energy and zeal.  He would come to our chapel and his deep voice would rock the house down when he prayed.  He even put together a Gospel CD to hand out to others.

 And yet, none of the gals in the midwest were God's perfect choice for him.  God moved him out to California.  It didn't take long for California to show him  not only a new job but a beautiful young lady named Rachel.   And this is where it gets fuzzy for me..  (I'm not in the inner circle) but suffice it to say, there was nothing short of "madly in love" on every one of their photos.. And as a Mom-type of friend, that is good news.  Everyone loved him, and rejoiced for him, even though we hadn't met her.

So, David works the high-tension wires as a line man.  He's trim, athletic, and not lacking in coordination or strength.  But for some reason he fell 60 feet while working his job.

He has been in constant medical care, surgery and excellent medical monitoring.  His life hangs in the balance, even now as we speak.  His wife and parents, siblings and friends are quite distraught.  There is a group praying that has united almost 2,000 people  in three days.

This situation has brought us all to our knees and humbled us greatly.  It's also united so many people.  So, I am expecting the unexpected.  I do not know what God will do, but HE has already been glorified in David's life so much that maybe it is time the world knew about it?

It is possible for a young man to be pure and holy.  It is possible to love the Lord Jesus at a young age.  It is possible for God to provide a godly woman to such a young man.  And it is possible that God can heal just such a young man to keep him in HIS service.

Amen. Thy will be done, O God.

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