Thursday, August 16, 2012

On the attack

My three middle children left me this week, and I have some idea what they are doing, but this picture ended up on the profile page of one my kids.  They are probably making another crazy movie with their crazy friends in that crazy Wisconsin place..

Everyone who is not a Webber is a Morell.  Or anyone who is not a Morell is a Webber.  Do Jo and Hud look like twins, or what?  So, while they were attacking the last fun project before school starts, Mom, Dad and Emily were enjoying the quiet house.

A few days ago, this happened:

It was a beautiful sunset evening.  I had to drag my husband out on the deck to enjoy "tea time" with me before the sun set completely.  He was out waxing the car with the boys, but he let them take over the job so he could join me.  

At first we just watched the cows in the field.  The baby calves were frolicking around like puppies.  The tea was perfect.  The chocolate was good.  What a perfect evening.  


this insane bird showed up.

"Hey!  He likes you.." my husband said, encouragingly.  "but.. everybody likes you.."  
Aaww.. how sweet!  My dear husband is so clever and encouraging.

And this friendly bird appeared to have an uncommon friendliness..  

Are you sure that bird likes me?  I almost get the feeling that it's angry or something. 

"It does have a sort of .. boldness about him, doesn't he?"  trying to hide the obvious..

So, I assumed that he was going after the bright red wrappers from the chocolate, so I placed the wrappers in one corner of the table and moved my chair to the other side.  

Nope.  The bird just changed its flight pattern toward me.  

That bird was attacking..  me! 

I had never met an attack-finch.  Nor have I ever witnessed a bird so close.  

 I had on a purple sweater and a cup of tea in my hand.  But as far as I can tell, I wasn't sitting on its nest, threatening its young or eating its bird seed.  

We laughed about it for a while, until we both decided that this pleasant date was getting too complicated to continue.  

Two days pass.

We decided to try it again.  

"Let's take our dinner out on the deck.  It's so nice out.."

So, Mom, Dad and Emily were enjoying an evening meal, watching the sunset.

Sure enough, that crazy bird showed up again.  Attack bird.

So, Emily volunteers to go down and get "the gun" and pellets.  (It is slightly disturbing that she knows where all of this is and can get everything unassisted.. but I digress..)  

So with the BB gun in one hand and a fork in the other, Will defended me against the waring predators, so I could eat my meal in peace.  

And the phone rang.  I answered it, and when I was gone, they were already planning the funeral for the enemy.  Quite relaxing, actually.  

"Cheers"  "Bang!" 

"Look the other way, Honey... just doing a little target... BANG.. got him.. practice"  

And so, the attack finch was no more.  

It's so nice to be married to manly man.  'just sayin.


Sarah said...


Herding Grasshoppers said...


Wish I could do the same with the deer in my year...


Ruby said...

Were you wearing your hedgehog hairdo? Poor birdy may just have been looking for nesting material :-)