Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pinterest project!!

Have you ever done PINTEREST?  Yeah.  It's fun.  I spend a lot of time pinning, and very little time doing.  So, I decided to stop the madness.  I'm going to do something!!!  So, this is my first real life pinterest project.  The Ruffled Shirt Tutorial by Tea Rose Home.

Since there is a tutorial there, and I don't write tutorials very well, you are certainly going to want to go there to learn this.  

The basics.  You find two identical shirts. My shirts came from Target.  I wanted a sleeveless option, so it would be manageable during hot-flash season, which is basically at any time of the year.

 I liked the gathered neckline and sleeveline on this top also.   These pictures are so awesome. (ugh.)
Anyway,  you can also buy two different sizes and use the one that fits you the best as the base shirt.

The other shirt is used for cutting up.  One note: if you are using a really lightweight knit, you will want to add fusible interfacing to the back of the T-shirt to give it more stability.  That would be helpful to do (before) you cut the strips.  

The ruffly neck and sleeves made for great little rosettes. You have to stitch those by hand.

 And here's another trick.  Buy the sweater that matches the two T-shirts.  Makes for a complete outfit, especially if you don't mind the "matchy matchy" look.
 Which has never been a problem for me.

So, Yeah for pinterest!  Time to get sewing again.  Yes, this is the first sewing I've done in about a year. Feels good. 


singtothelord2 said...

That is so cute and it. How long did it take?

Jena said...

SingtothLord2: It would only take an hour or so, except I should have put fusible interfacing AND THEN cut it. Oops. Putting fusible interfacing on already cut up T-shirt strips that are curling around makes for a lengthly project. LOL

Mrs. Parunak said...

Don't know how I missed this. Good for you for making something off Pinterest! And you did a great job, too!

Jennifer said...

Just found your blog - you are so fun! I love how your blouse turned out! (ahem, that is now a blouse, not a t-shirt. Too pretty to be called a t-shirt!!)
Thanks for putting a spring in my step today - I'll be back.
P.S. I spend so much time on Pinterest that I started a board for "pins I've actually done."
Therapeutic. And soooo organized!

:) Jennifer