Saturday, August 18, 2012

Yooper fun

Hold all calls.  I'm going to jump.

And this is not an ordinary jump

I've got to get focused

Lake Superior is cold!

But not that cold
 It's like a magnet pulling me in..
 and again.. for good measure
 climbing up the cliff
 to do it again!

 Did someone say fear?
 not me!

my brother and his followers jump off cliffs together.. in the freezing cold water every.single. year.

And to enjoy the ride, click on one of the pictures and scroll along the bottom of the screen, and you'll actually see the jump!

Yooper fun.


A little Rojo said...

Totally stalking your meal planning section :) Just thought I would like you in on it stalking if I admit it? Cute space here!

Kathi said...

I thought that was Will at first! Where in the UP is this? Black Rocks? It's been years since I've been brave enough to go jumping. So...did you go in too?

Jena said...

Rojo: Any good pictures Joanna took! Any bad ones.. well.. that would be me. Feel free to stalk all you like. That's what blogs are for.

Kathi: Are you crazy?? I would never jump from there! UGH! Black Rocks. Lake Superior, dude!