Sunday, September 2, 2012

More and more..

Every so often, I get the slumpy-lumpies.  The "oh-poor-me" syndrome..  Am I the only one?  No.  I can't be.

I think we all get it.  Even my mother--who is happy and upbeat about the world.  And I'm not even sure what brings it on.  But, I know this much: God isn't the author of the slumpy lumpies.

No ma'am.  I'm not saying that you have to be hip-hopping Mary Poppins, spinning fruit loops every minute of every day. But sometimes we get thoughts in our heads that rob our joy.  They take us away from God.  Here are a few that I struggle with from time to time.  Do you resonate with any of these?

  Check them out and tell me if you've ever had them:

1. I don't have any friends anymore.
2. I used be.. (skinny, nice looking, etc...)
3. What's it all about anyway,  isn't this life too long?
4. They are all having fun.. without me.

I'm just going to sit down right now and debunk these for you. for me.  for the whole world.

1. I don't have any friends anymore.

We are living in such a fast-paced, digital age where we are instantly getting and receiving messages from so-called friends almost constantly, but somehow we are missing the joy that comes from true friendship.  We are missing the intimacy factor.  So even though we are "connected" we aren't happy.

My method of dealing with this: turn off the digital and focus on the primary relationships--the ones right under my nose.  And more and more, I'm realizing that Jesus and I really are best friends.  I love my family, my friends and all of my new best friends, but I need more and more of Jesus.

2. I used to be..  (whatever) and now I am (changing).

If I'm changing in one way, I'm probably changing in a lot of other ways.  There is no way to stop the aging process, but there are graceful ways to embrace it.

My way of dealing with this: Stop focusing on myself.  Eat healthy, exercise, get some more rest and nourish my soul.  Heaven will be filled with people who looked less than lovely on earth.

3. What's it all about anyway? (disillusionment with life's purposes)

Every so often, we get too busy and lose focus the big picture.  Earthly pursuits just wear us down.  Heavenly pursuits build us up.

My way of dealing with this: Re-evaluate the plan (as often as I need to) and refocus.  Ask the Lord for help and strength for what is in HIS will.

4. They are all... without me.. (jealousy/ envy)

Heaven will be filled with joyous times of fun and fellowship and good times.  We can have much enjoyment by just being in his presence.  No one wants to be alone.  Make a friend.  Plan an activity.  Be a leader.  Don't worry if you didn't get invited to whatever it is, I'm sure there are 6.3 billion other people who aren't invited either.  LOL.

Well, more and more, I am realizing how ridiculous the futile these lies are.  These lies, or whatever other ones, are trying to take your joy away are not worth it.


Bernadette Veenstra said...

I think all of these depressing thoughts are depressing because they are so self focused. When I am in a funk, I try to reach out-out of myself.

Becky said...

I agree with Bernadette. Focusing on ourselves will never make us happy. When I'm feeling particularly sorry for myself, I try to focus on someone else. I teach this to my girls to. Dying to self helps with the doldrums.

BTW - we've had the young man you mentioned awhile back (and his family)on our prayer list. Are you at liberty to update us?

Mrs. Parunak said...

Good thoughts that we all need to remember! I especially liked your thought about focussing on our friendship with Jesus.

sara said...

4. I'm all out of dark chocolate.

mare ball said...

I get the slumps too. MIddle age, helping my aging parents, living within our budget, etc. Life is always a challenge. But I'm blessed too, and I forget that too easily. I believe choosing joy is a choice, too. I'm just lazy about choosing it!