Thursday, September 6, 2012


Hello everybody!  It's my happy stay-at-home day--where I attempt to do everything and get not-a-lot done.  But I can do this:

An update from Rachel, David's wife in her own words...

"Sometimes I get discouraged because it seems like David is the same and hasn't progressed really, but when I sit down and write the things that have changed that day, I can come up with a decent list. Yesterday, David was able to sit in his wheelchair for a couple hours and held his head up in midline for a little bit. He opened and closed his eyes on command for the nurse. His right eye is reacting to light while his left eye isn't so I think he may have double vision or no vision out of the left eye. He tends to turn his head to the right to look at things and avoid the left so we are working on getting him to turn his head left. He is tolerating "bolus" feeding now (he was getting fed by a "drip system" and now is able to be fed 3 "meals" a day-all at once). The is better because it prepares him to eat normally. I played the CD that his family had made of them singing and reading verses and he seemed to really respond - his heart rate jumped up, he stiffened his body, and his eyes were wide open just looking around the room. Not sure if he was like, "What is my whole family doing singing in my bed??" or what he was thinking. He was able to do well with being off the vent for 8 hours yesterday and today should be off for 10 hours. The goal is to get him as medically stable as possible and then he will be transferred to another unit for more intense therapies. If all goes well, I may get him home in a few months...and that's when you really need to pray. Thank you for your continued prayers for him and me...healing, peace and understanding for David and emotional and physical strength for me."

So, thank you all for prayer.  As you can see, there is progress but frustration.

I have been sick with a lingering head cold right on the heels of Emily being sick.  We have been attempting to figure out what to do with her for school, and I think we finally have a plan.

As you know, last year, Emily went to the darling little school called "Regents".  At the last minute, the church we were renting from, kicked us out.  By the time we were able to find another location, all of the parents had registered their children in other schools or had decided to homeschool them.

It was very sad because feelings were hurt, families were left without direction and some were without a job.  It baffles me why the church needed to make such an abrupt change and not honor the lease.  Nevertheless, we had to all pick up the pieces.

So, we were exploring a highbred schooling option where homeschool families hire teachers and the kids go to school two days a week and are homeschooled for the other days.  We were on the cusp of going this route, and God changed our mind on that also.  So, for now, we are homeschooling her and using the resources at Hallstrom for supplemental things (art, dance, sewing, and literature).

So, if you ask her, "Do you like your school?"She will say "yes".. because taking a year off from homeschooling has not harmed her a bit.  She was ready to get right back into doing school work, and didn't seem to mind that we are teaching her at home.  She jumped back into Hallstrom with both barrels blazing.  She even connected with a few old friends!   We are thankful for the Lord's leading in this.

And all of the family will be helping homeschool her.  Since she is already reading, it will be straight-forward learning.  She loves school and could sit for four hours a day doing seat work, which is precisely what she did yesterday.  So, God is good.  He takes care of each little sheep.

Oh, and Joanna made the dress and wrote a tutorial on it, if you are inclined to want to make a dress out of two old T-shirts!


Becky said...

Thanks so much for the updates, and tell Joanna the dress is darling.

Mrs. Parunak said...

I'm glad Princess E. is happy and thriving with this year's educational plan. And that dress sure is adorable. How nice to have a brilliant older sister!

Kathi said...

I can't believe Joanna made that dress out of two tee shirts! (Well, really I can.) But, wow is it striking and lovely! Good job. Also glad for the news on David. What a heartache! Love you, Jena!

Jena said...

Thanks Kathi! Yes, her tutorial is pretty good, if you go to the link.