Monday, October 8, 2012

Encouraging stuff!!

On one day, I was almost convinced that my blog was a complete nuisance and I got this most encouraging comment.  For those of you who BLOG, this is like the coolest thing that can happen.

Jena, I love your blog. I've read it for a long time and enjoy anything you write. My daughter and I owe your daughter and you a huge THANK YOU. When I read about the Christian photography workshop that Joanna was attending in Portland, I was so excited. I read their website and waited for the blog posts after the workshop. My daughter and I were so happy with all we read that she went to Prizewinning Photography 1 in Indiana that fall and LOVED it. And she learned SO MUCH. The family was extremely impressed with the skills she could learn in ONE WEEK. So we took the plunge and sent her back to Prizewinning Photography 2 in Colorado in the Spring. She loved that week too. We are so blessed to have stumbled onto your blog and found IPS through you. THANK YOU. I know Joanna enjoyed her London/Paris trip. I wish my daughter could have gone and met Joanna (imagine that!), but Sarah would NOT miss the annual church campmeeting she has attended since she was 8 months old, even for a European photo trip. But Sarah has signed up for the New Zealand PhotoEx by IPS and is looking forward to learning Christian missions photojournalism. All because of you! You have changed our life by revealing details of yours to anonymous strangers. Many blessings and thank you again, Karen

I hope it doesn't seem like I'm tooting my own horn by putting that up.  But just to say thank you so much for the comment and a hearty PRAISE THE LORD from the bottom of my heart.  So, it looks like Joanna will get a new friend, and Lord willing, I will meet her mother.  I guess I will HAVE to go to New Zealand, eh?  Oh, and Jo can come too, I guess.  LOL.  And uh... Jocelyn.. Rowan.. I'll take the family discount for my awesome advertising. thanks.

And here's something else.  Remember the David/Rachel thing where that young man fell from 60 feet?

Well, I'm getting updates, and I found this update to be very encouraging.

I've haven't been able to see David very much the last few days because of work and a PT conference I needed to go to this weekend but I got to go in last night and see David for an hour or so. I'll spare you of all the mushy details but I'm thanking the Lord that the love we had before the accident has not been taken away with a severe brain injury. I guess love is deeper than a sea of neurons. One thing I've noticed as an improvement in the last couple days is David's spasticity in his arms seems much better. He was keeping his left arm hyperextended and internally rotated almost constantly and now he is bending it by himself and it looked much more relaxed. As a side note, I have been getting a lot of cards. Although I may not write back right away or might forget (to be completely honest!), please know that I appreciate them very much and wish I could repay the kindness everyone has shown in some way. Please pass this sentiment on to those around you that may not have facebook but may have sent something. I have tons of support from family and friends and really have need of nothing but your continued petitions at the throne of grace for my husband.

That, is what I call therapy.  yeah.  And so eloquently stated.  Clearly, she is a classy woman.

I would have done it the exact same way,  minus the classy part.

Speaking of classy, here's our family (minus Jamie) plus a few friends and my MOM.  Enjoy the Apple Orchard with us.  Here's to fall, ya'll.


Becky said...

It looks like y'all had a great time.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

That's so, so encouraging :D

And what a fun outing to the orchard!


Rowan Gillson said...

Thanks for your kind post about IPS! We've loved having Joanna at our classes and I've actually been working with Sarah on her trip to New Zealand with us just this morning! Blessings!

mare ball said...

Congrats to you for touching the life of that reader. That's what we all hope, that we can make a difference. You go, girl! Such nice pictures of your family!

Mrs. Parunak said...

What wonderful encouragement! I'm so glad to hear the good news about David's progress, too. And fun pics of your cute family at the orchard!