Saturday, November 10, 2012

Organizing fashionista

Every so often I wonder-- do people think that I actually organize? ever?

The truth is just this: I do!  I really do organize, and to prove it to you, I'm just going to tell you about the latest and greatest organizing adventure.

But before I do, I'd like to preface this with a story.

You guys already know that I teach pilates, right?  It's my few hours of the week to be "cool", if you will humor me for a minute.  Technically, I am not cool, and it's been so long that I've been cool that I'm hardly tracking my own dorkiness until someone nonchalantly says, "So, what are you guys doing this weekend?"

And I know the response should be something like, "We're heading to Chicago, eating at this expensive restaurant.. and watching some sports team.. or going to this or that event.."  right?

But no.  I answer truthfully, "We're cleaning the house, like we do every weekend."

And then I asked my friend, "So, what are you guys doing this weekend?"

And he's like.. "uh.. I guess we're .. uh.. cleaning the house too.."

Well, alright, already.  Have fun cleaning your house, and we'll have fun cleaning ours!

So, I think we all eventually come to the point in our adult lives where cleaning the house is perfectly OK to do on a Friday or Saturday, especially if it needs to be done.  (that was a funny.  When does it ever not need to be done?)

So, here I am on a Saturday, and not only do I do cool things on Saturdays, but I look incredibly cool  doing them.

I decided that the curly hedgehog was going to be the weekend look.  And we can't have an organizing session without an apron.   And let's not forget the all-day bedroom slippers.

But I was no sooner donned in my weekend uniform, and I realized that I most desperately needed:


That's right.  I felt the lighting was poor in the closet that I was currently attacking, so I asked my gadget-guy husband if he had a light.  (duh!!  19 or 20 mag-lights, several small plug in lights of various wattages, and batteries or no batteries?  and the list goes on)

But then.  He told me his new favorite way to illuminate.

A HEAD LAMP!  Glory. be.  !!  This was epic.

I stretched that elastic band around my head and turned on the light.  Suddenly the clouds parted.

Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  was heard singing.  Everything was visible!

And I was a fixture of beauty.  Well.  In a manner of speaking.  

You know how they tie a tight little cord around the bunches of broccoli?   That's right.  Nothing stopped those broccoli tops from bunching up proudly from the elastic that tried to hold them in.

Fashion and functionality meet.  totally.

So, yes.  I organized the front hall closet.  Cuz I am the organizing mommy, you know.  And since I've started this blog, I've only organized that closet 17 times.  But who's counting, eh?   Whatever works.

And when they put me in the home and ask me to organize the closets for them, I hope they remember my head lamp.  Cuz I gotta have that.


sara said...

So.... wait. Are you the broccoli in this story?

I love that organizing a closet requires the same tools as spelunking. What an adventure!

Jenny P. said...

Please, please, PLEASE post the photo of your aproned, slippered, head-lamped organizing self! I made the mistake of walking out in the front yard on my last cleaning day... fall apron, floral skirt, wearing Grace on my back. And it was right after the school down the street got out so I got looks aplenty!

Jena Webber said...

Yes I really am the broccoli-head. Sorry if that wasn't clear. Looking for an opportunity for a photo. Unfortunately I "did" my hair today. LOL

Rachel C. said...

Oh, I soooooo needed a laugh!! Thanks so much! I love your blog. Life at your home has got to be way more fun than life at mine!!! When I organized my dim closet a few weeks back I just brought in a lamp...silly me!!!

Cassie said...

How are you so funny? I love it!
By the way, have you heard of Carol Tuttle and Dressing your Truth? I have a feeling your a type 1 like me. You should check it is changing my life. Really.
I love your blog as always.

Jena Webber said...

Cassie--I would love to check out Carol Tuttle. Haven't heard of her, so it sounds like fun.

Rachel--silly lamp! We found the headlight at Menards for $5.00 on sale. Mind. blown.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

What? There's no photographic evidence of you in all your fashionista glory?

sounds wonderful, really :D


Mrs. Parunak said...

Charming! I, too, wish there was a picture, but I can definitely imagine the hedgehog turned broccoli faithfully organizing her closet in well-lit bliss.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Jenny. How about a picture? But, I LOVE Will's headlamp trick! I'm going to ask for one for Christmas. Last week was my front closet redo for the fall/winter semester. Meanwhile, my eyes are getting such that I can't tell navy blue from black in our bedroom closet, and Alan has always used me as his fashion adviser. So...between the two of us, we can hardly tell one from tother in our walk-in clothes closet with the one dim light. I think either a 250 or a headlamp is a must, and I'll blame it on little brother!