Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Toy Rush

Because I am homeschooling Emily this year, we have a lot of opportunities to spend time together doing funny mommy-daughter things.  We were out of one of these all day junkets and ended with loading groceries into the car at Aldi.

So, from out of nowhere (that's where all 7 year olds get their information) Emily says,

"So, Mom.. what is the Toy Rush?"

"Uh.. I don't know.  What is the Toy Rush?"  I answered, figuring this is a riddle, and I'm never any good at riddles.

"Moooom!  You know, The TOY RUSH!  We see it on the side of the road.  We have driven past it, and I have always wondered if there are toys in there??"

Oh!  Toys R Us!

"Ah!! ( Light bulb!!)  The Toy Rush!  Yes. I know it.  Would you like to go there some time??"

"That would be fine.  I think they would probably have some toys in there that I don't have yet.."

Oh.. probably a few..

So what is this about bad mothering that has never taken her poor, deprived daughter into the Toy Rush?  Can I possibly be THAT inept?

Call my therapist.  I need help! now!

But really.  We used to go there several times a year.  birthdays. Christmas. etc.

and (silly me!) I insisted on buying these high quality toys that would last forever.  Who knew that the need for "new stuff" would overtake the need for "quality" ???  Yup.  She's a good American girl--has the consumer gene alright.  But she'll quickly find out how little she gets from  her paltry budget at the Toy Rush, compared to the finest of other people's garages.  But that, my friends, is a lesson she'll have to learn or not learn, depending on her disposition.

I have one child who refuses to even receive, as a gift, (unless I trick him into it by placing it in new packing) something from the finest of other people's garages.  And all of the other kids are reasonably less picky.

So, the truth will be made known in about a month when the undetermined snobbiness level of the aforementioned almost eight year old enters the world of the Toy Rush!


sara said...

My Jack will be eight next month too. His new thing is earning his own spending money and getting the most bang for his buck. He loved our recent grocery trip, I mean HOMESCHOOL LESSON, in which we explored unit pricing.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Toy Rush - love it! It's more like Sensory Overload for some of us, though. Although, in their defense, when I had littles in diapers I got one of their credit cards and just about kept my kids in free diapers on the rebates.

Cracking up about the finest of other people's garages. We're kind of partial to Val-YOU Vil-AHJ. (Can you hear the outrageous French accent?)


kathrynwarmstrong said...

I went to a wedding last Saturday, and one of my friends complimented me on my beautiful outfit, asking if I'd gotten it for one of my kids' weddings. "No," I replied demurely..."I got it from my favorite boutique...Goodwill." High quality looks good and outlasts fraudulent fast fashion any day, whether it comes from the Valuuu Villa or the finest of other people's garages. Why pay 10 or 20 times more for something that will fall apart sooner? I'll pray for your little darlin to have wise eyes when she enters the Toy Rush. Maybe if she was given "X" amount to spend on some presents (like Sara's Jack), that might help her see relative values.

Mrs. Parunak said...

Before I took my children to "The Toy Rush," I gave them a lesson on lust, packaging, advertising, and the goal of retail (make as much money as possible). They were still a bit starry-eyed, but I do think it helped.