Thursday, December 27, 2012

Great talking to you, MOM

Hey Mom,

Thanks for calling yesterday!  You never call when you are on these long trips, but I'm glad you did.  And I'm sure you are not technically eating "7,000 calories" as you said.  It's probably closer to 6,000.

As long as Dad's gout isn't acting up and you can still waddle, I think you'll be good to go.  Just kidding.  Everyone knows about the fitness grandma.  Speaking of fitness.  I love pilates.  Oh, you knew that.

Some of my friends were like:  Really??  You need to do pilates the day after Christmas???  Yeah.  and heck yeah.  It makes me feel great! I am so thankful for it.

Well, we've been getting a lot of those Christmas letters from people where they tell us how old their kids are and what they've been doing and all that.  I know I should write one, but it's just been a tough year, you know?

With our close family member having a meltdown this year and not currently doing so well.. and then loosing both Grandma and Grandpa Parlato this year..  and the hottest summer on record.. I'm not feeling like there's a lot to report.

But you've already taught me that when there's a barn full of poop, there's got to be a pony in there some where!  We are always looking for the "ponies" of this life--thanks to your good attitude about everything.

Like this.  Jamie got his report card and got all A's except for one class.  I think both Hudson and Nathanael got all A's also.  And Joanna's coming right along with that College Plus thingy that she does.  And Emily.. well, Emily is doing the second grade thing.  I haven't assigned her grades yet, but she's as busy as a beaver with all of her drawing, dancing, decorating and socializing.

And even though Will is still pursuing his graduate school thingy at Moody, he should be done right around the time Hudson graduates from highschool or Jamie from college.  I'm thankful the kids are healthy and growing in the way they should be.

And I've been cleaning-- A LOT! And even though most people don't write about that on the family Christmas letter, I think it bears repeating!!  Oh there's my dryer buzzing.  I had better get it.

I blitzed the kitchen and cleaned the fridge AND on top of the fridge and all miscellaneous kitchen cluttery things in one hour.  Now THAT is special.

Buzz again.  O.K. now I really have to go.

Love ya.


Anonymous said...

Cleaning is definitely worth reporting! Stephen and Joel just left for Kathy's house for a couple of days, and my first response was to pick up the house (not that they're very cluttery). I think cleaning is like medicine for my soul...maybe that's why they say cleanliness is next to godliness. An uncluttered home helps to unclutter the heart. Sorry about the tough year. Mine was too, but it's almost over, and I'm looking for a pony in my woods. I'm sure it's around somewhere...

Kathy Bloom said...


I just want to say that I am MISSING YOU on Facebook, though I perfectly understand why you don't try to keep up with that and a half dozen kids (almost) and a blog and your mom and keeping your house completely perfect for visitors (perfect doesn't imply anything but "perfectly hospitable").

Anyway, here's hoping you have had a lovely Christmas, despite the remembrances of difficult times this past year (barnloads). I understand.

We're all well, and I'd love to do some IM'ing sometime - maybe on Gmail, or Jo's Facebook? Just let me know. This next week will be a good time to do it - off until 1/7.

Much love ~ Kathy PWII