Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hi Mom--again!

Ooooooohhh  Mom,

Everybody loved it when I wrote to you this way, so why not?  We'll just do it again.  Now, last night was the best.  You would have loved it.  Both Will and Joanna were in the Holiday Pops Concert at the Coronado!  The RSO (Rockford Symphony Orchestra) and various groups played with them in the Concert.

Will and Joanna (the awesome father-daughter talented bunch) sang in the Mendelsohn Chorale.  Some happy holiday songs and one that was in French and then in Latin.

The boys, Emily and I sat in the audience.  We enjoyed the holiday lights, the singing, and all of the holiday hub-bub.  I was desperately searching among the singers for both Joanna and Will.

I found Will pretty quickly, but I was still searching and I happened upon this beautiful young lady in the back.  Is that my Jo?  She's so pretty and elegant up there.  Yup.  That's Jo.  She's certainly becoming a beautiful young lady.

And then! This guy who was singing next to her invited her to sing in his opera company.  My daughter, an opera diva? Obviously, she gets her talent for me.  LOL. You know how I love to sing the Canadian National Anthem?  (and we are not even Canadian) whatever.

Oh, I can hear you singing it with me, even as you read this.

Speaking of singing, I think my favorite orchestral piece was the "Roasting Chestnuts on an Open Fire" version that the RSO played.  It sounded so cruise-like.  I can picture you and Dad dancing to that song on your cruise.  It's classy, romantic and so..  I'm-not-here-at-this-moment kind of song.

Will and I love the dancing when we go on those cruises.  Hey, maybe we should do a family cruise some time?  Just thinkin.

So, this evening we arranged all of the furniture around the T.V. and watched a family movie and had pizza together.  We even got it from the pizzeria, instead of the homemade kind that we always do.  It was Jamie's treat to us, for our family Christmas present.  He even bought the movie.  Gotta love that guy.

On the way home from the show last night, Jamie insisted that Emily do her share to help clean up the car from all of the Culver's wrappings.  He does not take NO for an answer.  Have I mentioned that I love that guy?

Oh, and the family workhorse is certainly coming together as we moved that big green couch out of Joanna's office and back downstairs.  We are making "the office" pretty nice with many storage things, cupboards etc.  NOW to just get her to keep her clutter contained IN there and not all over the house....
(one could dream)..?

And I am on a mission to create domestic bliss and organization in the dungeon, workshop and office, in that order.

When I told Will what it was that he needed, he was shocked.

"I never knew.  Domestic Bliss?  Is that all I need in this life?"  pretty much.  and the LORD.

The LORD and domestic bliss, which comes in the form of a cute little wifey, wearing an apron and all the trimmings of domesticity.

like a headlamp.

and slippers.

and hedgehog hair.   under a study cap.

I'll tell ya one thing.  If there's one good reason to look completely ridiculous in front of your husband it is to paint the stark contrast and make him notice when you do go all out and get spiffed up.

And we all know that we live for those gazing looks and the very verbose compliments that spew forth in admiration.  Such as displayed by a monotone: "Wow." or even "you like nice today"

Either way.  I know it's from the heart, and that's all that matters.  LOL.

Have a good read Mom.  Love ya.


Mrs. Parunak said...

Sounds like you guys are having a blast over there!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I LOVE these letters!

And such fun news :D