Friday, December 21, 2012

Hi MOM: letter 1

My Dear Mother, Judy, and I spend countless hours on the phone every week.  Well, now that she is on a month-long trip, I thought I'd be crazy about it and write her letters from my blog.  And then all of her "new best friends" that she meets can be all the wiser.  So here goes.

Dear Mom,

I know you've only been gone a week, but I miss you already.  You won't know how many times I reach for the phone to give you a call and then I think, "Oh yeah.  She's out sunning herself on her cruise, enjoying the heat..."

So, what's been happening around here since you left?  Well..  most recently.. We had this huge snow storm.  It was pretty epic.  The blowing snow made the power go out for at least four hours, and it was dark.  We sat around the fireplace as a family, talking about how the world was going to end the next day.  And since I'm writing this, I am figuring the world hasn't ended yet.  Or perhaps, I am writing this from heaven.  Not sure.  So far, it feels like earth.

How about you?  Are you and Dad fairing well on the Amazon River?  Are they treating you well on that luxury cruise-liner?  It's a tough job, but someone had to do it.  Glad it could be you.

What else is happening?  Emily and I made sugar cookies yesterday--the roll out and cookie-cutter type.  We made "Royal Icing" from Martha's cookbook and colored it neon colors.  And then...  Do you remember when you used to give us paint brushes to paint our cookies with?  Well, I did the SAME thing.  I got out some new brushes and we painted the cookies.  There was pink, green, blue and white.  And of course, you could mix the colors.  (I know you hate blue frosting..)  I think Joanna took some pictures.

And then we went to the funeral for Carrie's Mom.  It was such a nice service.  Lee gave the message and did a great job.  There was a great pizza supper afterwards at Sam's restaurant.  It was so good to be there for her.  Remember how I got the days mixed up and thought the funeral was last week?  And then I told her that you were coming?  Well, she was hoping something didn't happen to you.  It was hard to break it to her that not only was my MOM OK, but she was viewing alligators from the Amazon.

Well, Jamie comes home from college tonight some time.  The roads are clear on this end of the trip--hoping for a good ride.  It's beautiful and sunny this morning.  Will and I are the only ones up, and I'm enjoying my coffee and Bible reading, sitting in my favorite chair.  When Emily gets up, I am hoping to take her out and make a snow man.  The snow is perfect.  It's a heavy, sticky snow that will work perfectly for snow building.

Well, I hope you are making many new best friends on your trip.  Can't wait to see all of the pictures and sketches.

Love you,


Mrs. Santos said...

This post brought me to tears...sobbing tears. I'm sure you didn't intend that, but my mother went home to be with Jesus this summer and your letter sounded just like a typical conversation I would have with her. Maybe I will write her a letter too. Sometimes in prayer, I ask the Lord what she is up to.

Aren't mothers wonderful? I hope my children can talk to me as freely as you do with your mom. God bless you and your family. Merry Christmas.

kathrynwarmstrong said...

This is a great format! Most of my memories from bringing up kids have been recorded (and remembered best) from my mom keeping all my letters!

Jena Webber said...

Mrs. Santos-- if my Mom ever dies, I will continue writing to her in my blog for as long as I feel like it. I think you should write to her--publicly even. So, sorry for your mother's passing. Hope this is a small comfort to you in your loss.

Ruby said...

I am blessed to still have my mum and be able to talk to her frequently as you do. I don't know how I will manage when my parents go. I have written to them often having gone to boarding school as a teenager and then working and living away from home but even in recent times in the same city I have put pen to paper. Your letter is a beautiful testimony to how much you love and miss her. My letters have occasionally been because some things are easier to write than say. I find a letter to keep very precious.

Mrs. Parunak said...

Painting cookies with brushes! I never heard of that one. I bet it works great for little hands that tend to gouge with knives. And it sounds like fun, too.