Saturday, December 29, 2012


Every year, around the New Year, I come up with a word for the year.  In the past, I have chosen words like: remember or focus.  But this year, the word that seems to come bubbling up to the surface is just this:


As a wife and mother, so much of my life is focused on the perishable.  

Food, for example, is perishable.  But if we don't have food, we can't live--at least for very long.  As with five children, food is needed more often than not.  

So, it's not like I can just forget about the perishable.  It's everything from clean sheets to light bulbs to twist ties.  It's dryer lint, the clothes in the dryer as well as the dryer.  All have their purposes.  

It's the food, the cookbooks, the stove and the dirty dishes.  

It's the battery charger, the batteries, the car and the garage.  

it's the paint brushes, the paint, the walls on which to cover.  

So, it's everything.  

Well, not everything.  It's just everything we can see, feel, touch, taste, hear, smell, and move around.  

So, it's everything.

No.  I said it is not everything.  

I have heard that the souls of men and the Word of GOD are the two things we can take to heaven with us.  

And those, I'm guessing, were not intended to be perishable.  In fact, they appear to be imperishable.  

And what about those abstract nouns? love, faith and hope.  

I believe they are also imperishable.  

So, if God designed our eternity around the imperishable, why is so much of existence dependent on the perishable?  

I really am not sure.  If we live in a state of denial, somehow acting like the perishable doesn't exist or is not important, we end up in a chaotic existence.  And when that happens, I can't even think about the imperishable anymore.  I'm so caught up looking for lightbulbs or wading through dirty laundry that the thought of sitting down and praising the Lord seems overwhelming.  

If we deny our perishable bodies, we end up with poor health, low energy, and a variety of self-esteem (self focus) issues.

If we deny our perishable finances, we end up with a tied down life with constant treadmill existence to always trying to pay off debt.  

If we deny our perishable homes,  we end up serving the house, instead of the house serving us.  

If we deny our need for sleep or balance, we end up with depression and guilt.  

No.  I think it is safe to say that the perishable needs attention.  But the degree we can live in light of the imperishable--while we take care of the perishable--is the what my goal is this year.  

I can't wave my wand and eliminate every perishable thing in my existence, but I can have a mind and heart at rest and peace as I care for the perishable.  

And that, is just what I am going to do.


Nita Brainard said...

Amen and amen. A proper perspective of the imperishable always includes attention to the perishable, but it never allows the things that are passing away to to crowd out the things that aren't.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh, my friend, you hit the nail on the head... I get so caught up in managing the perishable that I neglect the imperishable...

His Word

Thanks for the re-focus for the new year,