Thursday, January 10, 2013

Giving 'er

In the humble place where I grew up, we had this ad-hoc saying.  Oh, like who am I kidding? We had a ton of weird sayings.  But now I'm just thinking of one of them because I used it while I was teaching pilates the other day.  yup.  I really did.

I said, " Now on this last three, we are really gonna give 'er"  and they just kept raising their legs with the same expressions they already had previous to my spurious command.

So, what exactly did I want them to do?  I wanted them to "work diligently", and why all yoopers say "giving her snuff" to translate that saying is really beyond me.  I think it has something to do with the mining culture from a long time ago.  Are there any high-brows who  know the origin of that expression?  I didn't think so.  High-brows never use ad-hoc colloquialisms.  Except me.  Cuz I give 'er.

Speaking of "working diligently" is there anyone else out there who goes nuts cleaning and organizing during January like I do?  It's been about two years since I've cleaned and organized this much.  Wow! Does it feel good!

I even..

Should I tell you?


I even cleaned my husband's SHOP!  Just for fun, because I can, I refer to it as "my shop".  I might as well because I'm the only one who knows where stuff is.  And it's taken three weeks, but we are just now hauling the last load out to the street for trash day.

I also cleaned the craft room and the dungeon-- which, by the way, is going to need a new name.  I'm thinking of something that just rolls right off my tongue like "the highly organized arsenal of home storage"  Or perhaps "If you clutter this place up, you'll be disinherited"

typical.  I'm winsome like that.

I even went through the mountains of fabric that I've been collecting and placed them in two garbage bags.  I was hoping that someone from my chapel would want all of it.  No luck.  I'm not "into" quilting anymore.  Any takers?

And what would you call "the dungeon"??  Any ideas?


Mrs. Parunak said...

Wow. Good for you for getting all that overhauled. I would love to be making a major push on organizing. But I am way too busy making it through my third trimester, so I'm going to have to settle for getting out the newborn clothes and organizing more sleep.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Hurray for New year's organizing! Oooooo,I wish I lived closer to you (for lots of reasons... ) but I'd be on that fabric in an instant :D

I'm sure somebody will want it... craigslist?


kathrynwarmstrong said...

We call ours the "storage room," but if you need something really high brow, you could use the Super Dupper Upper Grouper or the Storage Palace or something like that! :)