Saturday, January 26, 2013

Happy flake

Sitting with my feet up in my little recliner, knitting along in my latest project, I listened to deep theological thoughts.

My husband, his friend, and our children were all discussing the degree of dispensationalism that we embrace and if it is, indeed, a hermeneutic or not.

Not that I'm opposed to high brow discussions on theology at 11:00 p.m., but I'm somewhat disturbed at how unmoved I am over the whole issue.  After all, shouldn't I care?!!  Doesn't the interpretation of "rightly dividing the word" affect me.. personally???

Yes and no.

Of course I care.... in a round about sort of way.. but really.. Biblical interpretations are not my gifting. I love Jesus.  I love his Word.  I do my best to read it every day.  I do my best to take what I can from it and apply it to my life.  I seek to love others the way Jesus loved them.  I confess my sins, as God brings knowledge of them.. to me.  I do this ever so imperfectly, relying on my husband to work out the nitty gritties of how we feel about hermeneutics.

But there are plenty of high brow women out there who get really upset when they are not included in the theological discussions.  They are chomping at the bit to "get in there" and give their thoughts on these things.  My answer to these women: get in there! Say it.  Seriously.  Your opinion is important too!

I think you should be respectful of your husband, especially if you and he disagree on something, but holding back and not saying anything is just going to frustrate you.

And just because someone who looks godly to you (but really is a happy flake) is holding back from high brow theology, doesn't mean that you have to do the same thing in the same way.  They could be like me-- just a little dense in that area.  Or distracted by the other things going on.  or just plain not gifted.

And I don't know about you, but I feel a twinge of guilt when my non-gifting juxtaposes someone else's gifting, especially when it involves spiritual things.

Oh, look how they read the Bible and get such great insights.. on their own!  (without anyone's help!)

And I read it.  My creative mind, finds interpretations that no one has ever thought of.  And no one ever will.  And I read it the next day.  And the same passage reveals even MORE creative interpretations..

I'm a hermeneutical nightmare.  I'm so thankful for the actual "Bible teachers" in my life--including my husband.

And the happy flake in me is content with these particular high brow thoughts:

Someone is understanding this.

It is happening in my home.

I love my family.

Isn't God good?

The end. Time for bed. 


Anonymous said...

So, the switch over to Wordpress was good in some ways, bad in others. Love blogging there, do not like their reader. Some days it swirls and swirls and I can't read posts. catching up today. Discovered you are a Spring Chicken at only 44. I am much closer to the 5-0 and am wondering what I have to show for myself....I KNOW I can't swim a mile...

Jenny P. said...

Jena I know EXACTLY what you're saying.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I'm with you! Sometimes I do want to "get in there", but really, I'm swimming in the shallow end of the theological pool. I love God. I love His Word. I want to be saturated in it. But I don't feel very confident in those discussions!


Ruby said...

It depends on the tone of the discussion.. I enjoy a good thought provoking debaate but my observation is that people tend to become haughty. Still, we are told to study to show ourselves approved. We can't avoid doctrine altogether.

Mrs. Parunak said...

I'm glad that we have happy flakes and people with all sorts of other gifting. The body can't all be obsessed with hermeneutics. Who would give the homeless guys a ride or cook mega meals for evening fellowship times (or write cheerful hedgehog blog posts)?