Tuesday, January 29, 2013

the hotel lobby

Life is full of mysteries, you know?

Like how did my mother end up with a chicken pot pie  in her freezer?  She insists that I made it.  Considering the fact that I live seven hours south of her house and I have no recollection of making a chicken pot pie, I can see why she would think that I made it.

So I asked her, "What was in the pie?"

"Oh, chicken, potatoes and sweet potatoes.."

Clearly it is my pie.  No one else in the world puts sweet potatoes in a chicken pot pie.

"So.. was it good?"  I asked.. a little skeptical.

"It was great!  Here I thought I was taking out a blueberry pie, but it ended up being chicken.  So we had that instead."

Well.  Nobody died.  And I guess it is possible that I made it.  After all, someone made it; therefore, it is I.  (I think)

Another mystery is  how fast my living room can become a complete disaster.  You know what I think?  None of my children need bedrooms.  They just need "bunk quarters" in which to dress and sleep.  Everything else happens in the living room.  Except the cello man.  He's in his room a lot.  Everyone else studies, eats, hangs out and lives in the living room.

So one day I got a notion.  Sure did. I was going to clean up that room.  Put away the clutter, tuck the couch cushions back into their wedged up state, dust, sweep, the works.  And then the final touches: a lit fire, candles, dimmed lights and soft music.

So, this happened on a Wednesday when the kids and their friends were over, doing their midnight meal thing. And then, one of the boys said,

"I always enjoy being in a hotel lobby"

That's it.  That's totally it!  I love being in a hotel lobby also.  In fact, I live in a hotel lobby (in my mind) and every so often, in my body.

And we work all day for those four and a half minutes that we are still awake AND can enjoy the hotel lobby.

You don't need a fireplace to do it.  Grab some white Christmas lights and arrange them around some fall leaves on your coffee table.  Throw a blanket over the stain or tear in your couch.  Light a scented candle and crank some mood music.   See!  I told ya you could do it.

So sorry I haven't made you a mystery pot pie for dinner to go with your mood, but you can order a pizza, if you don't want to cook.

Another one of life's mysteries solved. 


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Get OUT! I LOVE sweet potato in my chicken/turkey pot pie! But I'm the only one in the family, so I put it in one corner of the pie and do something (design? mark?) the crust so i know which part is mine :D

And the "bunk quarters"... that's what we DO. All three boys share a bedroom - it's just beds and dressers, and one desk (if anyone needs a quiet space for work), but everything else happens in rooms together.

I love that your home is the hub of your kids' and their friends' lives :D


Anonymous said...

Alan used to say that all we needed would be to throw some mattresses on the living room floor and bingo...we'd have all we needed (more or less). BUT, I love it that our kids like to congregate and be near each other all the time! It's good. Even better than a hotel lobby. :)

Mrs. Parunak said...

Bummer. I was hoping that once my kids were older the living room would be less of a disaster. Oh well. There's always blitzing for that coveted hotel lobby look. ;-)