Saturday, February 23, 2013

Excellent things..

Why not celebrate good things?  In this day and age of bashing and crashing everything we don't like, wouldn't it be nice to just celebrate a few of the good things we find here and there?

It's not like any of the stuff I like is golden, sanctified or anything special.  And what I find that works for me, may or may not be happy or helpful thing for you.  We're big people around here, and we don't need the entire world to agree with us on everything.  Nor should you just go out and buy, do, or try everything I think is cool, fun, helpful or delicious.  Cuz I'm not getting paid to advertise for anyone or anything.  I'm just sharing my "latest and greatest" finds.  Kinda like Oprah does, only less.. er.. um.. Oprah-ish.

So, without further ado,  my (most recent) top ten coolest, neatest, helpful-est, stuff in the world to do, buy, make, read or eat.

1.  The Chiveis Trilogy

We have been listening to the Chiveis Trilogy on audio book for the past several months.  The books were written by a Moody Prof., Brian Litfin.  They are totally the best in fantasy Christian literature, on par with the Hobbit and Chronicles of Narnia.  They are full of action, suspense, war, peace, romance, discovery, and Bible theology.  I am "such a fan"!!  Emily and I sit with bated breath, waited for the next Giant to attack or person to almost die (again).  Very moving, fun and adventurous.

2. Gospel E-books.  Free and Discount ebooks.

This is a site that Will found.  Every day, they list free or discounted ebooks, which is precisely how we found out about the Chiveis Trilogy.  He follows this site on his RSS feed and we have several books on his IPAD.  Pretty cool.  They are easy to download and usually cost about $.99 or so.  You have to read the site everyday, because the daily special is usually only good for that day only.

3.  YNAB

Without a doubt, this has been the biggest thing going in our household this month.  We finally have a budget program that is working for us.

YNAB stands for: You Need A Budget.   It is precisely what we needed.  We make "enough" money, so why don't we know where it is going?  Sound familiar?  Yes.  Then, you need a budget program that is intuitive to the ever-changing needs of a family.  It is flexible, doable, and open-minded,and it is cheap.  Only $60.00 for the whole thing, and they have tons of free classes.  I am a regular student in all of their classes.  I have been so busy "not spending money" that I haven't had time to blog.  LOL.    In all seriousness, if you have never been on a budget, it takes a while to get your heart, mind and ledger sanctified, but it is worth it.  No doubt, I am going to write about this more, but I've seen enough to join the YNAB "cult" if you will...  And I have a coupon code, for any would-be YNABers.  Just click on this link when you buy.  (You save $6.00 by using the code) And I can not lie.  I also get a kickback also.  But still, I would promote it anyway; it's that good.  And I have reasonable evidence to assume the creator of this software is a Christian, although it is not promoted as such.  

At this point, most of you are exhausted from following all of this clicking and linking and coupons and buying, so I feel like I should just la-la a little bit here.  Maybe I should tell a funny story or something?

Oh, OK I'll get back to the list.

4. Pilates book:

I've been thinking about all of my friends who live in remote places like North Dakota and who still want to learn pilates.  My personal pilates trainer recommended this book, and I bought it and love it.  I see on Amazon it is only $9.00 or $10.00, and it is chock full of great information and instruction about exercise execution, with a great emphasis on breathing and technique.  While I think having a few lessons with a trainer is far more beneficial than a book,  I still think a good book would be more beneficial than a video.  The video sets the pace, whereas a book sets the technique.  In pilates, speed is not an asset, and it is more often a detractor than anything when you are first starting out.

  For those of you, who want to gain the benefits of pilates and have no other options, this is a nice way to start.   And for those who are wondering, the move on the cover is in the advanced set of moves.  I like Rael's emphasis on dividing the exercises into beginner to advanced.  There are mat and reformer exercises with pictures!  yeah.  

Well, I said I would give 10 things, I have only listed the first four.  I think I'll stop here and continue on later on.  Besides, it wouldn't be in "the budget" to recommend too much, too soon.  

Happy clicking and linking!


Ruby said...

I was thinking what a lovely profile pic you have up the top....but then I saw you doing pilates ~ WOW! :-)

Bernadette Veenstra said...

An advanced move...=)

Jena Webber said...

Ruby!! That picture is not ME!! LOL. What an awesome idea, though! thanks for even assuming such.

Mrs. Parunak said...

Fun stuff! Thanks for sharing it!