Friday, March 1, 2013

Oh how fast it goes...

Budget night has become a date night for us.  We try to make what would-be a burdensome task into a nice event.  I lit a fire.  Planned a nice meal.  Couldn't find any tapered candles, but pretended there was ambiance.  Scooted the kids out the door, even.

So, like.. obviously it was more than just budgeting.  yeah.  But seriously, there's nothing wrong with our budget or our income.  It's just the reality of... how fast it goes.

But I'm getting used to it.  And here's what I'm getting used to.

Confessions of a recovering spend-a-holic.

1) You don't have to spend money every day.  There are certain times/ days that are good for spending money, and they are not (usually) today.  Whatever today is.

2) Shopping is not therapy.  Exercise, praying, reading, creating.. these are good forms of therapy.  Even sleeping or playing solitaire.  Just not shopping.  blitzing, cleaning, blogging..  therapy.  shopping? no.

3) Buying more stuff means putting away more stuff.  It means cleaning and organizing more stuff.  It's all just stuff.

4) Making something out of what you already have is far more rewarding than buying all the parts to start a new project.

5)And having a sense of security that comes from knowing what is going out is not greater than what is going in is worth far more than that temporary thrill of just spending for the heck of it.

There!  How's that for a self-made pep talk?

In our YNAB (free) classes, there is a live-interactive mode where we can ask questions to the moderator.  Every week he asks us how we are doing.

You'll be so proud of me.  I never say anything that would embarrass myself or my husband.  LOL

"I feel like I'm going to my AA meeting by attending these classes.."  is what I told the moderator.

(Except I've never really been to AA meetings.  I've heard enough about them to know that I'd fit right in..)

So, forgive me if my next 1,000 posts are just ramblings from the SA (spendaholics anonymous) support group meetings (which don't really exist, except in my mind).

Nevertheless, it IS working.

Evidences that this is working:

1) We have not overdrafted since we started this.
2) Each day brings a greater understanding of where we are financially
3) Peace, security and greater communication between both spenders

Are you ready for YNAB yet?  (budgeting program)
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sara said...

Very interesting! I think we should come up with a list of 100 things that aren't spending which might qualify as therapy. Of course, being prone to excesses myself I guess I could probably make an idol of solitaire. ;)

Jenny P. said...

Love it :)

We looked pretty hard at YNAB in August when we realized we needed a budget overhaul. We went with a homemade excel sheet for now, but their site was awesome.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Woo-hoo! Well done, Jena. Love the idea of making "budget night" special :D

Anonymous said...

I love you, Jenna! And I totally, totally agree that spending money should never be considered therapy. Addiction, yes, but therapy, no! Good for you for making romantic evenings at home for Will! Now that our kids are gone, we've found that a nice, quiet dinner at home and a romantic evening beat a big dinner out ANY time! :)