Thursday, May 16, 2013

I live!

Yes, I really am writing.  And I live.  But that's not even the best part.  I got my passport renewed today.

I gathered up my girls and decided it was going to be a fun day in Chicago cuz I needed to go there, and that's the bottom line.  So, we drove in, battling construction and speed restrictions.  I don't know what the office is called but it appears on the GPS as "230 Dearborn Avenue".  It's official name is something  like "the very slow and inefficient government security office  of passports and other slow documents".

So, we got there.

I got dropped off while the girls found parking.  I was only 20 minutes late for the appointment, which isn't so bad, considering that I went in the wrong door and up the wrong elevator before landing on the 18th floor with all of the other passport recipient wannabes.  It was a sorry lot of people.  Almost as bad as the "very slow and inefficient bureau of hard to receive drivers licenses".  And you have to admit that the passport office is far more interesting than the driver's license place because ALL the people in there are GOING SOMEWHERE.  And you hear all of these foreign accents and arguing and babies crying in foreign languages and all.

To someone like me, a room full of people I don't know (yet) is like going into a garage sale.  It's just filled with possible friends and experiences and information.  So, in my mind, the wait was.. well... not long enough.  I mean..really.  I only got to meet 7 people or so and that doesn't include the two I met in the elevator on the way down.  So one guy was going to Egypt.  An entire family was going to Jordan. A young man was going on a school trip to France.  A Chinese man was going to Taiwan on business. And then when I got through phase one, which was standing there.  I said "What? Is that it?  That was so fast and easy!"  Which made everyone in the line burst into laughter.

So, as I was leaving, a smiley older man met me in the elevator on the way down and made a nice comment. Actually, I think it was nice.  He told me I was "gregarious".    I told him that I loved the Lord Jesus.  And then we quickly both discovered that we both had the Lord.  Now a demure, classy woman got in the elevator  with us and listened while we were still chatting and said something like, "It sounds like I'm in the company of the blessed"  and I knew instantly she was a believer also.

Here I am in a secular institution in the middle of Chicago and in the length of time it takes to go from the 18th floor to the ground, I've drummed up a worship meeting with two perfect strangers.  Talk about fun!  And it was hardly past noon.  I could tell this was just the beginning of an adventure.

When we got to the bottom, I asked the nice woman if she was a believer in the Lord Jesus.  She not only confirmed it, but she flung open her jacket and showed me her "Moody Bible Institute" T-shirt.  I instantly reached over and gave her hug and told her my husband was at Moody also.

So, while I was hugging my new best friend, I learned that her husband was pursuing the same program as Will and that he was going to be at the June modular.  So, we sat down on the bench and talked.

Meanwhile, I made plans to catch up with Joanna and Emily who found their way to the much acclaimed American Girl doll store at the Water Tower.  So, while I was trying to figure out how to get there, I asked her if she wanted to have lunch with us.

I was actually surprised when she said she would.  I know I seem sincere, but I know I can be a tad overwhelming in real life.  For some reason, she wanted to hang with me.  We found a bus and met up with the girls.  And somehow the experience of meeting the girls somehow put her at ease, and I could tell that she really was starting to enjoy herself.  Maybe I wasn't such a kook after all?  The kids seem pretty normal. LOL.

And who can not feel at ease around Joanna?   In fact, the first thing that my new friend said to Joanna when she met her is this, "I bet things are very fun at your home!"

And Joanna, not the least bit perplexed or taken aback by her mother showing up with a perfect stranger, answered with great aplomb, "Oh yes!"    Thanks Jo for not saying "And it's a disaster.." or "did you know we have no milk in the fridge?"  or "my mother doesn't do our laundry" or anything else overly incriminating.

And then my friend said this, "You know.  God has put us together today for a reason.  I was supposed to meet with a friend.  She is a prophet.  She's a very serious person. God had other plans for me."

And I put down my fork and said, "wow.  I must be a sorry substitute, then."

And she said, "Not at all!  This is exactly what I needed.  I needed to laugh.  I am having so much fun!"

I wiped my brow. Whew!  Cuz I couldn't think of a prophecy to save my life--other than the book of Revelation, which, incidentally, I do not have memorized.

She walked with us to the parking garage and waiting until she knew we were safe and sound in our car.  I offered to bring her to her hotel, but she wanted to take the bus.  She prayed over me and wrapped my whole car in the blood of Jesus.  I said Amen, and Joanna took a picture of us together.  And we went home.  Was she an angel?  Perhaps.  Either way, God gave me a friend and I thank him for it.


Russell Nold said...

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Herding Grasshoppers said...

That's awesome! Oh, Jena, this just sums up your personality completely -

To someone like me, a room full of people I don't know (yet) is like going into a garage sale. It's just filled with possible friends and experiences and information.

That's how Jesus shines out of you :D


Laura Gargiulo said...

You are definitely an extrovert! Fun to hear how you let your light shine wherever you are!

Mrs. Santos said...


sara said...

Smiling and praising God with you. Thank you so much for sharing that with us - wonderful story, wonderful Jesus.

sara said...

Also, can angels be photographed?

Mrs. Parunak said...

That's delightful!